Fair coffee with a story of sustainable innovation



Curiosity Fuel coffee: sustainable innovation in every cup

At Škoda Auto, we care about quality and understanding the context of what we do and the origin of what we consume. The road towards sustainability is complex, involving various initiatives and innovative ideas from our dedicated teams. These ideas often arise during casual conversations with colleagues, moments of unexpected inspiration, or reflective breaks over a coffee.

Introducing Curiosity Fuel

Starting from 1 October 2023, we’ll be transitioning to a new coffee across the company called Curiosity Fuel. This special blend is grown, roasted, and packaged in a way that is friendly to both nature and farmers. Specially created for Škoda Auto, Curiosity Fuel is designed to inspire our staff with fresh ideas and further our sustainability objectives as outlined in our Strategy 2030.


Ethical sourcing and community support

In partnership with leading agricultural experts, family-owned farms in India and Tanzania are carefully selected to supply Curiosity Fuel coffee beans. These farms are committed to preserving nature and local communities. After a successful pilot programme, we aligned this initiative with the Rainforest Alliance’s sustainability criteria to ensure we consistently pay these farmers a fair price, support environmental conservation, and protect regional biodiversity. Additionally, we’re exploring projects that support communities, including an initiative to improve the educational facilities at a local school in India.


Locally roasted in the Czech Republic

From the farms, the coffee is shipped directly to Mladá Boleslav, where we roast it in collaboration with Jablum, a Czech family-owned roastery based in Bezděčín. Since 2007, Jablum has been building a fair and sustainable coffee trade in the Czech Republic. After roasting, the coffee makes a short trip to Škoda Auto, where Curiosity Fuel has been available since 1 October 2023.

Promoting fairness across all levels

Over time, the entire company will transition to Curiosity Fuel. This way, everyone – from the company executives to newly hired technicians – will be able to share the same inspiration with every cup. This commitment to equity and responsibility among all employees is a cornerstone of Škoda’s sustainability vision under our Strategy 2030.

From beans to sustainable action

Enjoying a cup of Curiosity Fuel won’t necessarily be a world-changing experience. But by savouring the coffee, especially in a reusable cup, and properly disposing of coffee-related waste, you’ll be making a significant contribution. At Škoda Auto, we believe many small actions can lead to substantial change, and choosing Curiosity Fuel is one step towards a more sustainable future for everyone.