Sustainable together

The Volkswagen Group’s Sustainability Report 2022 provides an in-depth perspective on our employee, environmental, and social responsibilities within the Group. You can also find previous Group sustainability reports and associated documents here.
Škoda Auto releases its own Sustainability Report, with past reports available here.
In 2019, the Volkswagen Group initiated its goTOzero environmental mission. This shapes Škoda Auto’s environmental strategy across all processes, centring on four key areas – climate, resources, ecosystems, and environmental compliance.
For a more interactive experience of our decarbonisation initiatives, embark on one of our VW Group’s Guided Tours.
The VW Group is committed to the ethical sourcing of raw materials. Our strategies for navigating the complexities of global supply chains are outlined in the Responsible Raw Materials Report 2021.
At Škoda and across the VW Group, responsible mining is a priority, which led to our membership of the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA).
If you’d like to take a deep dive into Škoda’s sustainability practices, you can find a comprehensive report in English and Czech here.
For a snapshot of our ongoing sustainability activities and upcoming plans, we’ve consolidated all the press releases into our roadmap for sustainable mobility.