Quiz: How well do you know the history of ŠKODA Motorsport?

Quiz: How well do you know the history of ŠKODA Motorsport?

A string of successes at home and abroad, famous cars and even more famous names behind their steering wheels. That’s 120 years of ŠKODA Motorsport in a nutshell. Find out what you know about them!

21. 12. 2021 Lifestyle Motorsport 120 YEARS OF ŠKODA MOTORSPORT

Throughout this year, ŠKODA is marking the anniversary of its involvement in motorsport. And the end of the year is the perfect opportunity to test your knowledge of the Czech carmaker’s motorsport achievements. How closely have you read our series of fascinating articles about the daring drivers and their legendary machines? 

One hundred and twenty years summed up in a few questions, each with only one right answer. Start your engines, and away we go!

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Which race was the Czech carmaker’s world racing debut?

Laurin & Klement, Slavia type B (1901)
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Which racing car was nicknamed the “Porsche of the East”?

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Which driver won the unofficial “Coupe Internationale” motorcycle championship at Dourdan, France in the summer of 1905 on a LAURIN & KLEMENT machine? 

Václav Klement, the company's co-founder, behind the motorcycle driver.
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From which town did the Jiří Pohl-Jaroslav Hausman team set off in their ŠKODA POPULAR Sport on the famous Monte Carlo Rally in 1936?

Pohl - Hausman crew (right) with ŠKODA POPULAR Sport roadster
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How many metres of chrome-molybdenum tubes does the protective frame of the FABIA Rally2 evo consist of?

FABIA Rally2 evo
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According to the regulations, how many spare wheels can a competition car like the FABIA Rally2 evo carry?

Hydraulic jack developed by ŠKODA Motorsport team technicians
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In the picture you can see the “Prize of Industry”, an award devised in 1909 by Prince Erich of Thurn and Taxis. It was to be awarded to the car company which won the most prizes at sporting events in the seasons 1909, 1910 and 1911 chosen by itself from the list of the Austrian Automobile Club. What became of this initiative? 

1909: Prince Erich von Thurn and Taxis’ “Industry Prize”
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The trophy in the photograph is also from a pre-war competition. Which one?

1914: Alpine Rally
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A trophy from the international ŠKODA Rally competition. In 1977, a works ŠKODA 130 RS won the second of a total of five victories in a row in this race. But who was behind the wheel?

1977: ŠKODA Rally
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Can you recognise where this photo comes from? 

ŠKODA 1101 Tudor slaloms between hay bales.
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And before we leave the bales of straw – which car is weaving its way through them in the picture?

The ŠKODA 1101 Tudor was made from 1946 to 1951
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Can you recognise the model in the photograph being driven by a high official of the Ottoman Empire, Pasha Alexander Comanos, Secretary General of the Royal Egyptian Automobile Club? 

Alexander Comanos behind the wheel of a special in Gaillon
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Listen to the audio sample. Which ŠKODA racing special can you hear?



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And one more listening exercise. Do you recognise the somewhat more contemporary model?



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In 1908 a LAURIN & KLEMENT FC set a speed record. What speed did it reach? This video will help you. 

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Last question – what is the starting number of the FAVORIT 136 L from the previous video?

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