A New Student Car: the ŠKODA ELEMENT

A New Student Car: the ŠKODA ELEMENT

The unique Azubi Car project has given students at ŠKODA Akademie the chance to try out all aspects of the building profession for real four times running. This time, the car of their dreams is named the ŠKODA ELEMENT.

20. 6. 2017 Models

The fourth class has once again proved that ŠKODA Akademie is truly an incubator of talent. Do you find yourself among those who have been waiting for a buggy from ŠKODA? After all, it was this concept which eventually triumphed with the students. Truly, ŠKODA already had the same idea in the past. The ŠKODA BUGGY 736 was introduced to the public in 1973 and even released into production.

This is where the similarities end, however. The present-day hopes of the automotive future have given the buggy a whole new dimension. From their perspective, the car is not only a leisure or sporting vehicle, but also a practical helper first and foremost. Or, specifically, it should serve the needs of a handicapped person. The students were ideologically inspired by the life story of their friend Petr, who ended up in a wheelchair following a serious accident.

The ŠKODA ELEMENT is based on the smallest model line offered by ŠKODA, the CITIGO, and is powered by an electric motor.

It allows 100% relaxation in the countryside or at the beach and has a refrigerator as well as a 108 cm (diagonal) TV, which is located on the lid of the fifth door.

The students were enthusiastic about making the car of their dreams that they even decided to document the whole process on video as well. The Storyboard team helped them with the final cut— check out the result!




What does it mean for you to be a member of the Azubi Car 2017 team?
I really appreciate the fact that I could occupationally meet with people, who have already accomplished something in the automobile industry.

What do you take away from this experience for your own professional career?
This has given me lots of teamwork, communication and also self-confidence. I think that I will hold on to this throughout my life, both at work and personally.

What was it like to build the car of your dreams?
It was a great experience, which doesn’t happen to just anyone. When else can you be lucky enough to become a designer, an engineer, or a painter for a second?

What brought about the idea of designing the car for the needs of your handicapped friend?
We wanted to show, that young people aren’t just interested in fun and laziness - that we also know how to be considerate and happy to help when we have the opportunity.

Has Petr ridden in your car, and how did he rate it?
Yes, he’s already gone down and he was overjoyed. Not just from the car, but mainly from the idea of helping handicapped people as well.

What would you like to say to the Azubi Car 2018 team?
Have strong nerves and mainly, hang on. Not everything is the way it is. And be creative! Your ideas can benefit the next generation.



What is it like to have your own dream car?
A great feeling! That your work can serve others and that others like it to. I really enjoyed being around it, like the team lives, overcoming obstacles and pursuing our goals. I’m happy that I could also contribute.

How long did it take from working on the vehicle up until the final detail was ready?
We started last year in the summer, when had prepared our suggestions, and during the fall a final form emerged, which was changed even later. We started with the manufacturing at the beginning of this year. Now we are in June, and the car is almost finished. With everything, it was almost a whole year.

What’s the coolest thing for you in the final version of the car?
I like how many gadgets are in the car. How it’s universal. You can take it to the beach and pull out the seats and drinks from the refrigerator and turn on the television. It’s amazing that all of this can be done even by our friend who is in a wheelchair. It’s unreal.

What drew you to the idea of a custom-made car for your handicapped friend?
We realized that Petr was participating in the second year of the Azubi Car, and it occured to us that we could actually help him within the context of the very project that he was involved in. We agreed on that instantly.

What message would you send to the next Azubi Car team?
Think about what you want to really do. When you start off in it, start from the very beginning. And also allow yourself to enjoy it. It’s something that won’t be repeated.



What did your part in this unique project teach you?
I learned to act quickly, to solve things on the fly, communicate and organise. For me, it was also important to learn how to work with things I totally disagreed with. Because you are working with the team and the common interest takes priority.

How did it feel to work on your own dream car?
It is, above all, a lot of work, thinking and negotiating. On the beginning, nobody knew how challenging it would be. In the initial proposals you will not solve all the details, which are actually infinite.

What way is this year’s project special for you?
I like that we have managed to distinguish ourselves from the previous years. We don’t have a car full of lights, colors or unbeatable speakers. We focused above all on the practicality and social aspects of things, which is good.

What made you think of this idea?
Actually, chance. In the time when we were talking about it, one of my friends returned from a rehabilitation stay in Kladruby and so that idea entered into my head. Everyone was enthusiastic about this idea, including Petr.

What would you say to the 2018 Azubi Car team?
Don’t be afraid to experiment and do things another way. You can obtain the best result this way.



How was it to work on the car of your dreams?
It was something absolutely fantastic, which some 18 year old from a trade school couldn’t even imagine. We are really proud of our car. For me, I enjoyed figuring out how to colorfully harmonize the elements of the interior with the color combinations of the exterior the most.

What’s the coolest part of the car for you?
For me, it’s definitely the 108 cm (diagonal) television, which is located on the panel of the fifth door, and of course the technology used. Since we are in the 21st century, electric motors represent a huge step forward for us, but for all of ŠKODA. The future of automobiles runs on electricity.

Do you think your concept could be used in mass production?
Certainly! Today’s clients are requesting electric cars more often. And our car isn’t in the least boring!

Why do you think this year’s project is special?
For me, it was the fact that there is a member working in our team who, after a serious accident, doesn’t have a simple life anymore. He’s dependent on a wheelchair. And that’s why we decided to create a car, which can take him to whatever beach in the world, in comfort, style and ecologically.

What message would you send to the next Azubi Car team?
Dear team Azubi Car V, we wish you lots of luck, steady nerves, and tell you not to be afraid to push your ideas. You will not regret it!

Audit Azubi Car IV


For the fourth year running, a select team of students from SOUs ŠKODA AUTO can build the car of their dreams, which not only moves beyond their own personal boundaries, but also the perception of the ŠKODA brand.

ŠKODA ELEMENT: Žáci z podnikového učiliště ŠKODA AUTO postavili elektrickou buginu

Everything started from scratch 3 years ago, without experience or the necessary background. At the time, few knew that in the corner of the old works was a hidden trade school, where unique concepts from students were born, concepts that far exceeded the borders of the factory.

ŠKODA ELEMENT: Žáci z podnikového učiliště ŠKODA AUTO postavili elektrickou buginu

For everyone involved in the Azubi Car project, this is a unique opportunity to test out new things and work with the newest technologies, which cannot be experienced elsewhere in prototype construction. This is an extraordinarily complex work, in which students must not only think about functionality, manufacturability and the practical aspects of the vehicle or design, but also learn how to work with their own team.

Finding solutions is sometimes so tough, that at first, few know if the ideas is even feasible. In addition, you need to use up literally every minute, because the project’s time consumption is perhaps its greatest challenge. Everything must click on the first go, because there’s no time for a second. Carsten Brandes, the director of ŠKODA Akademie adds: “Being a member of the Azubi Car team is an exceptional experience. Being around the technological changes which they are performing on the cars and, at times, the challenge in a nutshell - this is really fantastic experience for me.

As far as design goes, students have the opportunity to meet directly with the designers at ŠKODA. They consult with them on the approach of the work as well as the concrete details about the interior and exterior as well as colors and materials. “It is a joy to see how the students deal with individual obstacles and the auto apprenticeship project grows from year to year and improves. Each class is unique, and we always have to find an acceptable solution with the students and their teachers, which is not a compromise, but pushes the project further on,” explains Petr Matušinec, designer of exteriors for ŠKODA.





The first project and the first open ŠKODA competition after many decades. The “Little Bruiser” as it was called, had to win its place in the sun and create the Azubi Car project’s good name in ŠKODA. And that’s what it did.

The students decided to build a stylish convertible based on the base model CITIGO. Inside, two seats; outside two colors - blue and white. Blue alloy sports wheels were also painted in blue and the car featured a hand-manufactured rear spoiler and a two piece exhaust. This sporty treasure ran its 1.0 MPI gas engine at 55 kW of horsepower.



The second year is perhaps a difficult position to be in, because the year was full of expectations that the second year’s result would outperform the first’s. Students did the best they could however, when they created an entirely new car. Courageous, original and playfull, the FUNSTAR took breathes away.

A courageous design study, a fierce and unconventional sports car. Experts and journalists were profuse with their praises, and unanimously proclaimed that coach builder pickup really did suit the FABIA. The icing on the cake was the sound system which performed famously at 1,400 watts. The ŠKODA FUNSTAR became a hit on social media sites.



The third apprentice vehicle in line could not afford any hesitation - the apprentices spent an unbelievable 1,300 hours on the ATERO model. The over-4 meter coupe was based on the RAPID SPACEBACK model and the rebuilding was slightly larger than the previous two vehicles.

Since the roof of the car sloped earlier than the original model, it was necessary to remake both the B and C pillars, or alternatively, the size of the doors. But the result was worth it. The ATERO is fantastic, very emotional coupe which radiates every passion for cars that is in the ŠKODA brand. It must be said that the concept of dreams wasn’t even lost on the market either.



The ŠKODA ELEMENT is based on the smallest model offered by ŠKODA, the CITIGO, and is powered by an electric motor.

It allows 100% relaxation in the countryside or at the beach. The ELEMENT also has a refrigerator as well as a 108 cm (diagonal) TV, which is located on the lid of the fifth door.