Five Reasons to Love Smart Driving

Five Reasons to Love Smart Driving

With the introduction of the new SmartGate and SmartLink apps, you can now really interact with your ŠKODA. Here are five reasons to get connected.

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1. Let out your inner child

The Smart Racer App is a dynamic racing game to play during your trip. The speed of the game cars adjusts to the real-time speed of you driving your Skoda – but keep your eye on the road!


2. Become a better driver

The G-Meter app takes a good look at your driving behaviour. Acceleration, speed, engine revs, brake actuation, gearshift and accelerator pedal pressure are all analysed and the app then tells you when you go over the optimum levels.


3. Use your own console computer

The MFA-Pro app turns your smartphone into an extended on-board computer, making it possible to access more than 40 parameters on its system. These include fuel economy, drive dynamics and servicing reminders.


4. Data mapping

The Drive app tells you your average speed, cost and other information, and you can look at the distances you’ve travelled on a map. The journey list can be saved on ŠKODA’s Drive Portal, where you can manage the data and get useful statistics and graphs. You can share these on social media, too.


5. Help! It’s an emergency!

ŠKODA’s Service app is really useful in emergency situations. As a kind of mobile assistant, it offers all sorts of functions and information on the vehicle when needed.