Just Plug and Charge

Just Plug and Charge

Plug & Charge is a function that makes it even easier to charge cars in the Škoda Enyaq family. All you need to do is find a compatible charger and plug in the charging cable – your car will start charging automatically, with no need for card or app-based authorisation.

18. 6. 2024 Škoda World

Charging electric cars in the public charging network was already easy, but Škoda has made it even simpler and faster – just plug the cable into the car’s charging connector and that’s it. Many users are familiar with this, as this is how they simply charge their electric car at home in their garage, for example. But when you’re out and about, public charging stations require an authorisation process first, so it’s clear who will be billed for the service.

Škoda’s Powerpass service, which is part of the MyŠkoda App, made charging easier because it meant users only needed to register once to access more than 660,000 charging points across Europe. But Škoda is bringing further improvements to the service that will make charging even easier. In fact, it is as simple as you’re used to at home.

Najít v aplikaci nejbližší volnou nabíječku je hračka.The new MyŠkoda app makes it easy to find the nearest charging point supporting Plug & Charge.

“Plug & Charge is an authorisation method that our customers with Enyaq family cars can use at compatible charging stations,” says Jaromír Mendl, Škoda product manager for the Enyaq family. “Just park at the charger, plug the power cable into the car and wait for the car and the charger to start communicating. Once the connection is made, the vehicle simply identifies itself to the charger and charging starts automatically – no card or mobile app authorisation is necessary,” Mendl explains.

Jaromír Mendl
Škoda Auto

Plug & Charge is primarily supported by IONITY charging stations.

Users can then see the charging data in the Powerpass section of their MyŠkoda app, and the price is included in the monthly public charging bill in the standard manner. “The method for identifying and authorising the vehicle and user is not only very simple, but also completely secure thanks to the new communication protocol between the vehicle and the charging station (ISO 15118),” adds Simona Galiová, who is responsible for Plug & Charge at Škoda.

Using Plug & Charge has several conditions, however. The first is technical: naturally, the function must be supported by the given charger. Compatible chargers will be displayed to the user in the MyŠkoda app. The function is primarily supported by chargers in the IONITY network, which the Volkswagen Group, and therefore also Škoda, is helping to expand. Another requirement is the vehicle software: the Plug & Charge function in an Enyaq family vehicle requires ME3.1 software or higher. But you can get your software upgraded free of charge at authorised Škoda service centres.


Then all you need to do is activate the Plug & Charge service, which you can do in the MyŠkoda app. The function is compatible with all Powerpass tariffs – Charge Free, Simply Charge and Charge Faster. Setup is done in three easy steps:

1. Open the MyŠkoda app where you already registered your Enyaq. 

2.  Select Plug & Charge in the Battery section. 

3. Activate Plug & Charge using your Powerpass subscription. If you don’t already use Powerpass, select a tariff and then activate Plug & Charge. 

4. Now you can enjoy even easier charging with Plug & Charge.