MyŠkoda app is packed with more features than ever

MyŠkoda app is packed with more features than ever

MyŠkoda is fast becoming the main app for Škoda owners. In addition to letting you access various functions of your car, the latest version lets you manage all of your day-to-day needs.

4. 4. 2024 Škoda World

One new addition to MyŠkoda is the new Discover tab, which brings news and tips from the world of Škoda. Besides, customers in selected markets will also find a loyalty section in their profile. “Here we’ve rolled out a new loyalty programme where customers can earn points in various challenges and redeem them for Škoda merchandise,” explains Chloe Wong, who is responsible for the MyŠkoda app. For the moment, Škoda is launching the loyalty programme in the UK, Ireland, France and Spain. Further markets coming soon!

The new Discover section of the MyŠkoda app brings you news and useful information from the world of Škoda.

In these markets, customers who are still waiting for their Škoda car can take advantage of another new feature. The Track & Explore function lets them find information about the car they have ordered so they can prepare for its delivery. “Not only can customers track their car’s production status, they can also learn about their vehicle and Škoda services, such as extended warranty or Powerpass. We’re working to extend these features to customers in other markets as soon as possible,” Chloe Wong says.

Chloe Wongová
 Chloe Wong
Škoda Auto

Needless to say, the MyŠkoda app has retained many of its traditional useful features, which include tracking the condition of the car and the timing of service inspections. Users can make sure the car is locked, the doors haven’t been left open, the windows rolled down or the lights on. They can control charging and set the charge limit, or remotely start the climate control. They can send a planned route from the app to the car’s navigation system, and much more. Functions such as Pay to Park are also available, and users can activate them.

Nové funkce aplikace MyŠkoda Of course, the app contains an array of traditional functions - users can check they didn’t leave the car door open, for example.

MyŠkoda app’s new functions 

Powerpass Integration

The charging service is now fully integrated into MyŠkoda. You can use the app to activate Powerpass, control charging, select a tariff and check your charging history. 

Discover tab

A new tab with news, tips and other info from the world of Škoda 

Loyalty scheme
(UK, Ireland, France and Spain only)

The Czech carmaker is rolling out a loyalty scheme in selected markets. Customers can complete challenges to earn points which can then be exchanged for Škoda merchandise.

Track & Explore

Customers can track the production status of their new car in the MyŠkoda app and learn to use its functions. This new feature is currently only available in selected markets. Further markets coming soon!

One app for electric cars

For electric car drivers, the updated app can make their lives much easier. As the app is combined with the Powerpass charging service, MyŠkoda now gives users a complete overview of their car (or cars) and lets them manage and use various services. Thanks to Powerpass partnering with more than 870 providers, the service gives access to more than 660,000 charging points across Europe. It also simplifies the management of home charging using Škoda iV Chargers. The MyŠkoda app now allows users to manage charging schedules, use the Plug & Charge function and view their charging history.

The standalone Powerpass app stopped working as of March 26th. “With this big milestone, we have significantly simplified the customer experience of our Powerpass users,” says Adam Klas, who is responsible for Powerpass at Škoda Auto. Current Powerpass users can download or update the MyŠkoda app. In the Profile tab, go to the Powerpass section and confirm the Škoda ID connection for fully automatic data transfer.

Adam Klas
 Adam Klas
Škoda Auto

Users will find most of the features they know from Powerpass in the new Profile tab of the MyŠkoda app, which has replaced the Settings tab. “Here users can activate the service, find their invoices and charging history, and change their tariff as needed on a monthly basis,” Adam Klas explains. The Maps section has also been updated so that charging points where users can use Powerpass are now highlighted. There is also information about the available connectors and charging power. Charging itself can be started both in the app or by card, or automatically via Plug & Charge.

The MyŠkoda app version 7 and above is designed for users of all current production Škoda models, including those with combustion engines manufactured after July 2020 and plug-in hybrid powertrains. They can manage all the functions of their car with just one app. Owners of cars built before July 2020 can use the MyŠkoda Essentials app.

Služba Powerpass se spojila s MyŠkoda do jediné aplikace. Powerpass gives you access to over 660,000 charging points across Europe.