We are designing the future

We are designing the future

Effective international teamwork, Czech inspiration, modern solutions. All these things contribute to ŠKODA design. The designers themselves know that they are designing the future. See what inspired the design of the latest ENYAQ iV.

20. 4. 2021 Models Enyaq

Characteristic looks and a clear visual identity make ŠKODA cars easy to recognise. That is partly inspired by traditional Bohemian glassmaking and the cubist movement in art and architecture. “It’s a gift that is highly unique in the world and highly distinctive,” says Oliver Stefani, ŠKODA’s chief designer.

Stefani and his team have just presented the design of the all-electric ŠKODA ENYAQ iV and the creative process involved at a virtual conference on design organised by the Car Design News website. What is particularly worth noting is the principles the entire team followed when designing the car. “I am fascinated by the engineers’ enthusiasm, their creativity and desire to do things differently,” says Stefani in praise of his team of 160 designers from 25 different countries. 

oliver-stefani-chief-designer-skoda-1440x960Oliver Stefani
ŠKODA’s chief designer

The following video sets out the principles that guided them.

According to Petr Matušinec, one of the exterior design team leaders, the characteristic details of all ŠKODA cars are a key factor. These include the “power dome”, i.e. the distinctive raised middle section of the bonnet bearing the Czech carmaker’s logo on the front; the radiator grille with vertical lamellae, of course; the typical C-shaped design of the rear lights; and the characteristic lines of the sides of ŠKODA cars. “Of course, we want to give each model its own character as well,” Matušinec points out. 

Petr MatušinecPetr Matušinec
Exterior Design Coordinator

The exterior character is reflected in the car’s interior as well. The shape of the dashboard copies the raised section of the bonnet – but this detail also shows that ŠKODA design features are not simply design for design’s sake. “The surface created by the line beneath the touchscreen display supports the hand when a user is operating the touchscreen,” says Peter Olah, head of interior design, explaining this important detail. According to him, the design of ŠKODA cars’ interiors is first and foremost democratic and practical. All the car’s occupants are important here, not just the driver. That is why the interior architecture emphasises symmetry and spaciousness.

Peter OlahPeter Olah
Head of interior design

Kateřina Vránová, who is responsible for Color & Trim, explains how she imbued the ENYAQ iV with the sense of being in a living room for all the car’s occupants. She says that inspiration came from the current worlds of fashion, architecture and art, and that the various features are supposed to evoke a particular atmosphere and mood: sporty, tranquil, warming. “We are focusing more and more on renewable materials. This is something with a big future, and not just in the car industry,” says Kateřina Vránová.

Kateřina Vránová
Kateřina Vránová
Color & Trim

Headlights are playing an increasingly important role in ŠKODA cars. “Headlight design enhances the car’s looks like jewellery,” says Petr Nevřela, head of exterior lighting design. Besides the inspiration from Bohemian crystal, the safety and practical aspects of headlights remain paramount. In fact, these two considerations shape the design of the entire car. The Crystal Face illuminated radiator grille is the icing on the cake. Oliver Stefani is also convinced that light design will become increasingly central to ŠKODA cars’ design.