The new interiors concept: feels like home

The new interiors concept: feels like home

The ENYAQ iV is ushering in brand new interior designs that replace the previous configuration choices. Come and explore the new innovative, comfortable and sustainable interiors.

16. 11. 2020 Lifestyle

All the new Design Selections have three outstanding qualities: purity of design, innovation and sustainability. Above all, the new themed interior packages create a nice homely feeling.

And it was modern living that inspired the new interiors – the task was to assemble the various elements in a way that created a feeling of harmony, a cosy atmosphere and, last but not least, to ensure that customers found it easier to choose.

The designers opted for a holistic approach to designing the new interiors. The various levels differ in terms of upholstery, accessories and decorative features and materials used. The mats, central console and ambient lighting help evoke various atmospheres in the interior of the new “electric lounge on wheels”.

“We came up with a series of thematically distinct interiors, from the simplest to the most luxurious. What’s more, some can be ordered in several colour schemes. But we kept in mind the current standard of interior features ŠKODA uses – the higher versions are derived from the basic versions. The main difference is the materials used. At the top levels we can find leather or microfibre materials, and for the first time ever we are using recycled materials combined with new wool,” says Kateřina Vránová, head of ŠKODA Design’s Color & Trim, describing how the new concept was created.

katerina-vranova-color-trim-designer-portrait-jpgKateřina Vránová
head of ŠKODA Design’s Color & Trim

Make yourself comfortable, just like in your lounge

The Design Selection called Studio, which is found in the basic version of the ENYAQ 50 iV, is literally puristic. The standard interior for the ENYAQ 60 iV is Loft, which reflects modern, cosy living for young families, partly because of the two-tone dashboard.

There are other Design Selections you can ask for: Lodge represents sustainability and innovation; Lounge embodies quality and exclusivity, while Suite and ecoSuite offer more classic features giving a sense of luxury. The two Design Selections available for the sporty ENYAQ RS iV are RS Lounge, which emphasises the car’s sporting nature, and RS Suite that accents dynamic elegance. What’s more, most Design Selections are also available in an expanded Plus version.

“Our new Design Selections widen the range of interior options for our cars, while also underlining the lifestyle ethos of the ENYAQ iV. These are vehicle interior styles from the minds of our best designers. They are all completely harmonious, from the seat covers to the mats and floor itself - it's like moving into a new lounge you can drive in or just sit and make yourself comfortable in,” says Jil Katharina Mahler, ENYAQ iV product manager, with undisguised enthusiasm.

Jil-Katharina-MahlerJil Katharina Mahler
ŠKODA ENYAQ iV product manager

Sustainable? Made from recycled materials!

The Lodge and ecoSuite Design Selections focus on sustainability. Particularly worth mentioning are the new seat covers, which are forty per cent new wool. This material underwent independent testing and certification according to the strict Woolmark rules. The remaining sixty per cent of these covers is polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. This fabric has excellent temperature qualities so it doesn't get too hot or cold, it breathes and is even hypoallergenic.

Other interesting features are the leather covers used in the ecoSuite Design Selection. The cognac-brown leather is not made in the standard way. Instead of using chemicals, the hide is treated with olive leaf extracts. “This was one of the biggest challenges for us. This leather has completely different properties from the leather normally used in car production. Of course, it’s also more expensive. But we managed to convince our colleagues from other departments that this environmentally friendly approach is important, necessary and the right thing to do. The same applies to the seat covers made using recycled polyester. We’re confident that this sustainable path is the right solution and future for the company,” Vránová concludes.

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