Meet the Škoda Enyaq 85

Meet the Škoda Enyaq 85

It might not seem like it at first glance, but the Škoda Enyaq you can see before you is quite different from its older siblings. And in more ways than just the number 85 on the boot lid. The biggest changes coming in the 2024 model year are to be found inside. Come and see.

9. 1. 2024 eMobility

One obvious change is the appearance of the infotainment system, or actually the HMI. “Practically everything is new: the look of the icons, the colours, the background,” says Ján Rehák, who worked on the development of the new interface. “We call the new style Flow HMI. The new Kodiaq and Superb generations also have it, and it’s based on Škoda Flow – a digital design system used in Škoda’s mobile apps and websites,” he adds. 

The look of the infotainment system is one obvious change. 

But it’s not just the appearance that’s new. The display is now framed by top and bottom icon strips, with the upper icons focusing on the car’s functions, while the lower ones give the driver quick access to media or the navigation system, for example. What’s more, the choice of icons in both strips can be customised. 

The colour of the main display’s background now adapts to match the selected ambient lighting colour. The map display in the navigation has been improved, especially in terms of rendering and colours.

The font and colour changes also impact on the information display in front of the driver, which shows the speed, battery level and navigation instructions, for example. The icons and fonts reflect the current Škoda brand identity.

More power, longer range

One significant improvement is the increased power and torque of the electric motor on the rear axle. The power output has increased by 60 kW to 210 kW compared to the previous version; the same system power is now available in the Enyaq 85x with all-wheel drive. The new motor’s maximum torque is 545 Nm. The 2024 model has also brought a power increase for the Enyaq RS, which remains the most powerful production model in the range, now with an output of 250 kW (up by 30 kW).

Škoda Enyaq 85

Motor modifications are behind this increased power and also improved efficiency. “The upgrades concern the entire electric drive system. The stator and rotor plates are now thinner and better permanent magnets are used. The inverter now has a variable control frequency and the gear reducer has also undergone changes, with a modified gearing. Oil cooling has also been added,” summarises Jiří Šlechta from the engine and chassis development department of Škoda Technical Development.

The more powerful, but also more efficient, motor goes hand in hand with improved driving dynamics (0 – 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds for the Enyaq 85 and 5.5 seconds for the RS, in both cases an improvement of nearly 2 seconds). But it also delivers an improved range per charge (over 560 km for the Enyaq 85 and over 570 km for the Coupé version). 

In conjunction with the Enyaq’s software, the new hardware lets the infotainment system operate more smoothly. One of the most important innovations is battery preheating, which warms the battery to the optimum temperature for fast charging in cold conditions. The preheated battery means that the Enyaq will reach maximum charging performance quicker. Preheating can be activated manually, or it will start automatically based on the use of the car’s navigation system, which takes into account the charging schedule along the way. 

You can make use of another new feature when you leave the car. Thanks to improvements to the Kessy keyless unlocking system, you don’t have to lock the car. The car will do that by itself once the driver and key move more than 2.5 metres away. With the 2024 model year, a Laurin & Klement version has joined the Enyaq family. You can find more information on that here.