Enyaq Coupé Respectline: a celebration of uniqueness

Enyaq Coupé Respectline: a celebration of uniqueness

How to celebrate human diversity and the uniqueness of every one of us? When Škoda employees deliberated over this question, the upshot was the unique Škoda Enyaq Coupé Respectline.

20. 6. 2023 eMobility

The Respectline is based on the electric Enyaq Coupé for one simple reason. “The entire idea takes its inspiration from the Crystal Face that is typical for Enyaq models. About a year ago we prepared the first sketch of the second version of this illuminated grille, which we’ve given the working name of Rainbow Face,” says Petr Kavrentzis, coordinator of the Enyaq Respectline project.

As is the series version the mask has 131 diodes, but in addition to 93 white diodes it features 38 coloured diodes, which create a rainbow effect. “The colours then flowed out from the grille over the whole car and into its interior,” explains Kavrentzis. On top of the original white body colour, which symbolises the unity of all life on earth, coloured elements have been added to create a colour gradient in countless shades – just as diverse and boundless as life itself.

The Crystal Face grille has been given diodes in the colours of the rainbow.

The Enyaq Coupé Respectline was a collaboration between the Communication Department, designers, Technical Development staff and the People & Culture and Production & Logistics departments. “Everyone threw themselves into the project with enthusiasm and verve. We all had the same goal, even if our opinions on design and execution sometimes diverged. But that’s what a project like this is all about: opinions. But the result is a product we can be proud of,” says Kavrentzis.

The team behind the Škoda Enyaq Coupé Respectline, from left: Daniel Petr, Stefan Webelhorst, Martina Zimmermann, Petr Kavrentzis

Respect without distinction

The rainbow colouring of the car is not only a symbol of the LGBTQ+ community, it signifies respect for all people without distinction, but also respect for nature, the environment and everything that surrounds us.

“The loosely tessellated triangles are visually appealing and enhance the sharp lines of the Škoda Enyaq Coupé, while the overlapping geometric shapes seem to flow across the bodywork, creating an impression of speed and movement. To ensure that the interior also reflects the car’s purpose, the colours and materials have been deliberately kept subtle, but they still convey a strong message,” says designer Stefan Webelhorst from Color & Trim. Inside the car there are rainbow-coloured backlights, rainbow-tinted elements on the doors and dashboard, embossed elements on the seats and a crystal-cut Respectline logo on the steering wheel.