Hidden figures of design: making your car feel like home

Hidden figures of design: making your car feel like home

The Color & Trim team works tirelessly to make your car a place you love to spend time in. That’s why they look for colours, materials and ideas that resemble a modern home as much as possible.

12. 10. 2021 Škoda World

The heroes of automotive design are usually seen as those who give cars their striking exteriors. But there are many other, less obvious heroes in the Color & Trim department who work more on the details we use, see and take for granted every day. These designers work mainly with the colour combinations and the different materials you find in all parts of the interior.

The Color & Trim department

Part of the Color & Trim team’s job is to select materials and patterns for upholstery. They tweak the colour combinations of the dashboard, decorative materials and even the smallest and at first glance “invisible” patterns and textures found right across the interior and exterior. They keep an eye for current trends, not only in the field of materials, but also in terms of taste. “Our inspiration often comes from interior design,” explains Kateřina Vránová, Head of Colour & Trim at ŠKODA Design

In addition to the fact that cars are increasingly taking inspiration from the environment of their owners’ homes, another trend is coming to the fore. “Sustainability is a key issue of the present day,” Vránová says. But ecological considerations must not come at the expense of the practicality, usability and durability of a car’s interior, so this trend requires a careful approach.  

That is why the Color & Trim team comprises a total of thirteen designers, including the team head. “We have experts in various areas, but together we are a close-knit team. Whether it’s the use of natural fibres or the modern use of paints and varnishes, we always strive to create a practical and pleasant interior environment for ŠKODA cars, while also being a little bit playful,” says Vránová.


Bolder colours on the horizon

Of course, trends manifest themselves in different ways in different cars. “The affordable FABIA offers one kind of opportunity, while our electromobility flagship, the ENYAQ iV, another, and the KUSHAQ SUV for the Indian market require different approaches,” explains the Color & Trim team leader. In addition, of course, the designers also work on concept cars to test the public’s reaction to different solutions, both in terms of interior and exterior colours. Few people expected the VISION IN study, which gave rise to the mass-produced KUSHAQ, to be presented in a bold orange colour, for example. And now, according to early estimates, this colour is set to be one of the most popular in the Indian market for this SUV.

The ŠKODA KUSHAQ (shown), an SUV for the Indian market, was based on the orange VISION IN study.

“Although ŠKODA cars tend to be fairly conservative and family-oriented, we can definitely look forward to bolder colour combinations in the future, but above all natural and recycled materials. As well as new materials and solutions that we haven’t seen in our cars before,” Vránová says with a smile.

The thirteen designers of the Color & Trim department


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