The improved Enyaq is here – with more power and longer range

The improved Enyaq is here – with more power and longer range

Longer range, higher performance and shorter charging times. Find out what 2024 will bring for Škoda’s electric family.

29. 9. 2023 eMobility

“The Enyaq family of models will get minor visual changes to bring consistency with the brand’s new visual identity, including the new logos and lettering, while the iV branding will disappear. The various versions will now be distinguished only by a numerical designation or a model designation such as the RS or Laurin & Klement versions,” says Jaromír Mendl from Enyaq product marketing. Production of the 2024 models will begin in early November.

Škoda Enyaq 85

Powertrain progress

In addition to these visual changes, the cars also receive technical improvements, both in the electric motors and batteries. Instead of the Enyaq 80 and Enyaq 80x, new Enyaq 85 and Enyaq 85x versions are on the way, with the same applying to the Coupé version. The change in performance variant designation is due to the new rear axle electric motors and improved battery management. Thanks to these changes, the new model year cars have increased range capacity and improved overall charging speed while delivering an even better driving experience. 

ENQ_NG_CP_001_0623_20acabf0The key upgrades to the Enyaq family for 2024 are longer range, higher performance and shorter charging times.

The Enyaq 85 can travel up to 565 kilometres on a single charge in the WLTP cycle, and the battery can charge from 10% to 80% capacity in 28 minutes. This improvement also applies to the Coupé version, which will now have a range of up to 576 kilometres. The dynamics of these versions have also improved, with the electric motor on the rear axle now having a maximum output of up to 210 kW, compared with 150 kW in the corresponding version. The 85 version can accelerate from nought to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds, two seconds faster than before.

The all-wheel drive version of the Enyaq 85x also has a new system output of 210 kW, an increase of 15 kW. The new versions can reach 100 km/h in 6.6 seconds.  In addition, the Enyaq 85x can travel up to 538 kilometres on a single charge, and the Coupé version can travel 10 kilometres more. Charging for this version offers a peak capacity of up to 175 kW, reducing the charging time from 10% to 80% to 28 minutes. 

ENQ_NG_CP_087_0623_73c29d38The infotainment system in the 85 version and higher will have a graphic design overhaul, among other things.

The same goes for the new Enyaq RS, which, like the 85x version, boasts optimised battery cell chemistry with improved thermal management and the option of higher maximum charging power. The Enyaq RS also benefits from a power boost, with drivers now having 250 kW at their disposal. Acceleration from zero to 100 km/h takes just 5.5 seconds in both body variants, and the range has increased to 541 kilometres or 547 kilometres in the Coupé variant. The top speed remains the same for the RS version at 180 km/h*, but the 85 and 85x variants can now also go this fast. This is made possible by the new higher torque electric motors, which allow different overall gear ratio settings while maintaining or improving dynamics.

“An important new feature for the 2024 model of Enyaq 85 and all higher models is the ability to pre-heat the battery. It can be triggered automatically when the user enters the route to a high power charger (HPC) in the navigation system, or it can be activated manually in the car’s infotainment system,” adds Jaromír Mendl.

Automatic locking and other changes

The upgraded Enyaq 85 and all higher models will also get a number of other, perhaps at first glance less significant, changes. These include details like the rearranged control buttons. Another interesting feature is the automatic locking function, which locks the car when the driver walks away from it with the key. This feature now comes as part of the Clever package and above.

ENQ_NG_CP_102_0623_91170e3dOne interesting feature is the modified layout of the control buttons.

Changes to the car’s infotainment system also apply from the Enyaq 85 up. This involves a new software version 4.0 that brings a completely redesigned user interface, among other things. This too reflects Škoda’s new brand identity and philosophy, but it will also be more intuitive and make it easier to control the car’s functions. The virtual instrument panel and head-up display also receive new graphics. The Laura voice assistant will also be improved, with a better understanding of the commands of the users, who will see a real-time transcript of their requests on the infotainment display.

Improvements to standard equipment and modifications to optional equipment

All models in the upgraded Enyaq model line have also been upgraded with new features within the standard equipment. The entry-level Enyaq 60/85 now comes with Driver alert and Intelligent speed assist as standard while the SportLine and from additional equipment options the Clever pack now includes Walk away locking and rear side airbags as part of the specification. The RS version gains even more equipment including rear window blinds, electronic child locks, rear USB-C charging ports, rear side airbags, tow bar prep and Travel Assist as a standard.

*Preliminary figures