Smart Dials: a smart solution for air-conditioning and more

Smart Dials: a smart solution for air-conditioning and more

The new generation of Škoda Kodiaq and Škoda Superb models are coming with a major car function control innovation. Rotary and simultaneously digital Smart Dials can be customised by users to intuitively control the functions that are most important to them.

29. 8. 2023 Škoda World Innovation & technology

Smart Dials are used to intuitively control the car’s most important user functions. The dials combine rotary control, a press function and a display function and the user can customise their function to a certain extent.

“At Škoda we are always striving to create an intuitive environment for the driver, which is why we are one of the few carmakers that hasn’t completely abandoned haptic controls, i.e. buttons and rotary controls, but have retained them to some extent in our cars,” says Peter Olah, head of interior design. Now, in the new generations of the Kodiaq and Superb, Škoda is bringing an innovation that takes the best of both worlds: the world of displays and the world of mechanical controls.

Peter Olah Peter Olah
Head of interior design

The Smart Dials are three rotary dials that have a distinctive surface texture, which helps make the controls easy to grasp even when the driver is not looking directly at them. In the centre of each of the three dials is a 32 millimetre diameter display that shows the current function of the controller. The central part also serves as a button: by long-pressing the user can switch between functions, which he then controls by turning.

The two outermost Smart Dials are used by the driver and passenger to control the air-conditioning and other related functions. In addition to setting the temperature, the dial can be switched to a mode for controlling seat heating or ventilation. The middle control can then be customised to allow the driver to control up to four functions, choosing from infotainment volume control (the default option), fan speed, airflow direction, iClimate smart air conditioning, driving modes and map zoom. The user can easily set the functions in the appropriate menu on the touchscreen. Between the rotary controls are four additional hardware buttons that control windscreen defrost, rear window heating, internal air circulation and automatic air-conditioning function.

Smart Dials in the new Škoda Kodiaq

The all-new Škoda Smart Dials