What does the new Superb have to offer? Check it out

What does the new Superb have to offer? Check it out

The new generation will soon start a new chapter in the success story of the Škoda Superb. But you can already find out what you can look forward to.

21. 7. 2023 Škoda World

The Škoda Superb will move on to its fourth generation this year. The follow-up to its highly successful predecessor will offer a brand-new design. For the moment it’s still hidden under camouflage, but in the video presenter Alex Montyro shows off some of the upcoming new car’s very interesting details.

The fourth-generation Škoda Superb has been given a beautiful design with sleek but pronounced and clearly defined lines, as well as new headlights with the traditional crystalline design inspired by Bohemian crystal.

Compared to the previous generation, the new model will be longer and taller, offering more space for the occupants. Both the estate and saloon versions will be launched at the get-go. The boot space, which has been one of the Superb’s standout features since its inception, will be 30 litres larger in the estate version and 20 litres in the saloon, making the new Superb once again one of the most spacious and practical cars in its class.

The interior gets brand-new controls, including a large touchscreen display that can be up to 12.9 inches diagonal. One new feature is the positioning of the automatic transmission selector on the steering column. The new Superb also uses new materials in the interior that place a strong emphasis on sustainability.

The Superb will boast a wealth of equipment that includes the most advanced driver assistance systems, including, for example, predictive cyclist protection. Add to that the 28 Simply Clever solutions that earlier generations of the Superb pioneered. In the video, Alex shows the now-legendary door umbrella compartment that debuted on the first-generation model in 2001.

Under the bonnet of the newcomer there will be a choice of six powertrains with outputs ranging from 110 to 195 kW. Three will be TSI units (with a mild hybrid 1.5 eTSI as the basic option), two will be powerful TDI engines and there will also be a plug-in hybrid Superb iV, which promises a purely electric range of over 100 kilometres. Needless to say, all-wheel drive versions will be another option.