New Superb and Kodiaq must deal both with heat and cold

New Superb and Kodiaq must deal both with heat and cold

The new generations of the Škoda Superb and Kodiaq are approaching their premieres. Before that, they will undergo rigorous and intensive testing, because the cars’ quality must be guaranteed. Watch what they go through during the testing process.

19. 9. 2023 Škoda World

Škoda still honours the motto of its founders Václav Laurin and Václav Klement, which is “Only the best is good enough for our customers”. That’s why every model undergoes intensive testing during development and production before it is launched on the market: to help fine-tune the cars and to guarantee the highest possible quality of the final products. Needless to say, the new generations of the Škoda Superb and Škoda Kodiaq didn’t shirk these demanding and intensive tests.

The cars can cover well over a million kilometres in a few months, which a normal driver would need about 40 years to rack up. The cars are driven on all kinds of roads, from standard roads and motorways to dust tracks and icy and snow-covered roads. The tests therefore take place in different parts of the world, with the cars driven in normal traffic and on special test tracks.

The all-new Škoda Superb hidden under camouflage

Both the new Superb and Kodiaq have thus ventured beyond the Arctic Circle and into the extreme temperatures of the American deserts. While in the deserts they test their resistance to high temperature and the ability to withstand the local fine dust, in the freezing conditions this time the engineers focused on tuning the new two-valve adaptive shock absorbers, for example. These are an optional extra on both cars and have already won plaudits from journalists during their first drives in the camouflaged prototypes.

The all-new Škoda Kodiaq hidden under camouflage

In-depth and detailed testing takes place right from the start of development. Škoda scrutinises not only every single component of the car, but also the individual materials that will be used to make them. Every aspect of the prototype cars is tested: from durability, noise level, corrosion resistance, functionality of electronics, parts’ resistance to extreme temperatures and so on. Of course, the plug-in hybrid versions of the Superb and Kodiaq have also been put through specific tests, including charging trials under various conditions. The result is sophisticated, perfectly working cars that customers will enjoy as reliable companions on their travels.

Joint testing of both models in desert conditions