My Enyaq: Driving into the electric future

My Enyaq: Driving into the electric future

Practical, spacious and family-oriented. How’s everyday life with an Enyaq in eastern England?

24. 8. 2023 eMobility

In yet another part of our series of articles introducing owners from the world increasingly embracing electric vehicles (EVs), we dive into the experiences of Michal Klucz, an IT expert residing in the east of England and a proud owner of the Škoda Enyaq 60. With its sleek design, spacious interior, and impressive range, Michal shares his journey into the world of EVs and offers insights into everyday life with his Škoda Enyaq.

Michal Klucz is proud owner of the Škoda Enyaq 60.

The Škoda Enyaq caught my attention due to its impressive features and overall promise,” shares Michal. As an IT expert and a family man, Michal found the Škoda Enyaq to be a perfect fit for his lifestyle, offering a balance of performance and practicality.

Before acquiring the Škoda Enyaq, Michal had a diverse range of cars, including Swedish and Japanese brands, and several company cars on a rotational basis. However, the Enyaq is his first electric car for personal use, having only experienced company-owned plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) previously.

Michal explains, “When it came time to choose my new car, my company offered great financing for electric vehicles. While deciding in 2020, I had to rely on trust, as I hadn’t seen the car in person. Škoda was a brand I trusted, and I believed it would deliver at least what was promised, so I went ahead and pre-ordered the Enyaq.”

Klucz_60330278 Michal Klucz

With a typical usage pattern consisting of daily commutes, trips to the gym, and school drop-offs, Michal finds the Enyaq to be a reliable companion. “Charging to 80 per cent every second night keeps me prepared for unexpected trips to London or further north,” he shares. While most charging occurs at home, Michal has occasionally used public chargers, finding them reliable overall.

748_23_PXL_20220326_180328280.MP_I_6ce41f9aMichal has occasionally used public chargers, his Enyaq second from left. 

The Škoda Enyaq offers a range that suits Michal’s needs. “In the winter season, I can achieve around 270 kilometres, while in the summer, it increases to 350 kilometres or more,” he explains. Additionally, Michal embarked on a memorable long trip from Cambridge to Newcastle, Amsterdam, and Warsaw, showcasing Enyaq’s capabilities for long-distance travel.

A network of charging stations where you can use Powerpass

During a ferry trip to the Netherlands, Michal had an unexpected encounter. “The border patrol asked us to leave the queue for an inspection. But instead of searching through our boot, they were fascinated by the Enyaq. They had never seen a Škoda electric vehicle before and were particularly impressed with its sleek design,” Michal recalls with a smile. He gave one of the officers a short ride, further fuelling their interest in electric mobility.

Michal’s family has embraced the Enyaq, appreciating its spacious interior. “The amount of space inside is unprecedented, and the lack of a gear tunnel allows us to easily fit our son’s scooter in the back without disassembling it,” he shares. The practicality of the vehicle has earned it accolades within his family.

748_23_uprava-fotek_2_I_93228ba2Michael's family appreciates the Enyaq's spaciousness.

Michal primarily charges his Enyaq at home, ensuring it remains topped up for his weekly usage. “In addition to the convenience of home charging, the instant torque provided by the electric motor is truly remarkable. Whether overtaking a cyclist or merging onto a motorway, the instantaneous acceleration is hard to beat,” he adds. Michal’s driving behaviour has also changed: “Thanks to an instant view into the current battery usage I started to slow down earlier, and not to accelerate if it’s not necessary. Regenerative braking is something that completely changes your perspective. Same with opening the roof instead of starting the AC.

With his positive experiences and a genuine passion for electric mobility, Michal shares some parting advice: “Don’t be scared of EVs. It’s a great experience, offering convenience and impressive performance. If you don’t need a 4 × 4, consider opting for the rear motor only, as it provides an amazing turning radius.” He also expresses his excitement for Škoda’s future EV offerings, particularly the estate and smaller SUV models. And it seems it will really be a Škoda future for him – after two years of lease, he is now waiting for a test drive in Enyaq 85 RWD Laurin & Klement to replace his current car next year!

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