The new Student Dream Car will be adventurous and electric

The new Student Dream Car will be adventurous and electric

A new Student Dream Car is right now being designed in Mladá Boleslav. This time it will be fully electric and adventurous by nature. And it will double as an office and bedroom. Take a look at the first sketch.

29. 3. 2023 Škoda World

The ninth Student Dream Car designed by students at the Škoda Academy is based on the Enyaq iV. Working with professional designers, the students have prepared a sketch showing what the future car will look like.

The interior of the new student car will double as a sleeping space for keen explorers.

What is already certain is that the electric car being developed by a team of 29 students will be inspired by Škoda’s new motto, Explore More. The students decided to create a multifunctional car that can be used for camping or as a mobile office. It will be a car for people with an adventurous spirit and a love of exploring the world around them. As the students see it, the car’s owner can become a digital nomad who works out of his or her car from virtually anywhere in the world.

“We, at Škoda Design, are very happy that, as part of this fantastic project, we can give these young talents such a tangible insight into our everyday work and get them excited about it,” says Oliver Stefani, Škoda’s chief designer, whose team of experts started this collaboration with the students. “The Student Car project combines three of Škoda's great strengths: its can-do attitude, hands-on approach and tremendous team spirit. We at Škoda Design are already looking forward to the moment we get to behold the finished Student Car.”

One of the experts helping the students develop their prototype is Škoda chief designer Oliver Stefani.

The upcoming car, whose name will be chosen by the students and announced later, will be the first Azubi project (as Škoda’s student cars are also called) using the MEB platform. In addition to the emphasis on adventure, the car will also feature a number of Simply Clever elements and will be inspired by sustainability, a concept that goes beyond the electric propulsion itself.

“I’m looking forward to working on squeezing everything we want into the project so that the car is a pleasant surprise for everyone,” says Sandra Skokanová, one of the Azubi team members. “Coming up with the overall concept was an extremely interesting process,” her colleague Michal Dorčynec adds.

Michal Dorčynec

Škoda Academy students making sketches of this year’s Student Dream Car.

The concept of the car is now complete, and the overall design has largely taken shape, but the students still have more challenges ahead of them. “Although we have an idea of what our car should look like, we cannot be 100% sure of its appearance yet. Fine-tuning everything the way we want it will be a big challenge,” Skokanová says. Another student, Vojtěch Vasiljev, echoes her words. “Getting the team to work in sync will be very tough, but I’m sure we will manage and get the work done by the end of the school year.”

Sandra Skokanová

Inspired by adventure

According to the students, the great thing about their concept is the freedom it gives the user. “The owner can go anywhere and doesn’t have to worry about where he’ll spend the night,” says Sandra Skokanová, describing the possibilities offered by the prototype. Her dream is to take the car with the rest of the team to a peaceful and untouched landscape. 

The new prototype is developed under the watchful eye of experienced experts.

Although the car inspires romantic road trips, the students say modern digital equipment cannot be overlooked. “It definitely needs to have a permanent internet connection or entertainment equipment like a TV and a games console,” says Vojtěch Vasiljev. But various kinds of sports equipment is another must. “I’d like to take it out into the countryside, ideally somewhere where cars with combustion engines are barred from entering,” concludes Vasiljev, for whom Scandinavia holds the strongest fascination

Vojtěch Vasiljev

History of Azubi Cars

What Škoda Academy student cars have come before this year’s electric prototype?

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