Millionth ŠKODA SUV

Millionth ŠKODA SUV

First there was the ŠKODA YETI, followed by the KODIAQ. Then came the KAROQ. The KAMIQ is taking its bow on the Chinese market this year. With a million sales, the family of ŠKODA SUVs has been a success story.

21. 8. 2018 MODELS

The popularity of SUVs continues to mount among customers, who can currently take their pick of ŠKODA’s KODIAQ and KAROQ models. Discover their design DNA. The ŠKODA KAMIQ is taking its bow on the Chinese market this year.


1 000 000th ŠKODA SUV

Robustness, value in use, safety, all-wheel drive, Simple Clever solutions. ŠKODA SUVs offer all this and much more. Read what the people who perhaps know them best appreciate about them.

Bernhard Maier


Why would you say that SUVs are so popular and in demand?
SUVs offer comfort, lots of space and a dynamic yet sleek design. Customers also appreciate the higher seating and the sense of safety this gives them. Both of our SUVs offer right that. The KODIAQ is a huge success for ŠKODA and also the KAROQ is already a bestseller.

What do you like most about ŠKODA’s SUVs?
The biggest advantage of the KAROQ and the KODIAQ is their versatility. They combine great handling on the road with surprising off-road abilities. Moreover, both models offer the ŠKODA typical roominess and the latest connectivity features. And on top of that, they look great!

Why would you say that SUVs are so popular and in demand?
SUVs meet customer expectations of a higher seating position and a greater feeling of safety, combined with roominess and an attractive design. Plus there is the fact that demand for 4x4 vehicles is growing significantly.

What do you like most about ŠKODA’s SUVs?
First, they express what our brand stands for. For example, they incorporate Simply Clever solutions such as Varioflex in combination with a unique crystalline design.

Alain Favey

ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing

Oliver Stefani

ŠKODA’s Chief Designer

Why would you say that SUVs are so popular and in demand?
The SUV segment has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. Modern SUVs such as the KAROQ and KODIAQ offer everything from great driving, safety and space to a covetable and powerful design. This combination gives people a sense of freedom. You can use your car to take the family out, you can explore the countryside, you can enjoy a pleasant drive, or you can make an entrance when you have to go to a business meeting.

What do you like most about ŠKODA’s SUVs?
I have experienced many different cars and when I joined ŠKODA my vehicle of choice was the KODIAQ. Though I use the car every day, the KODIAQ has always surprised me with its great combination of style and capability. I  ike it when functionality comes together with emotion, it’s a perfect fit for the ŠKODA brand.

Why would you say that SUVs are so popular and in demand?
KODIAQs and KAROQs are characterised by attributes typical of the ŠKODA brand. They offer excellent handling, a luggage compartment volume that is second to none, plenty of interior space, and lots of Simply Clever solutions. SUVs are versatile cars suitable for both the city and off-road terrain.

What do you like most about ŠKODA’s SUVs?
I have an intimate relationship with the SUVs because I have been involved in their development. The SUV concept embodies all the features central to the ŠKODA brand – robustness, safety and high value in use.

František Drábek

Head of Compact Models ŠKODA

Millionth SUV headed for Spain

The millionth ŠKODA SUV to roll off the line is a green KAROQ 1.5 TSI ACT DSG fitted out in the Ambition trim level. The car was headed from the production plant in Kvasiny, Czech Republic, to Spain, where it was ordered by Eike Schröder, originally from Germany, and his Spanish wife Carmela Garbajosa.

Before making his choice, Eike compared a wide range of SUVs and compact models, taking most of them for a test drive. He singled out the ŠKODA KAROQ for its top quality, compelling value for money, and advanced technology. The KAROQ is his first ŠKODA.

Škoda Karoq

Škoda Karoq