The distinctive headlight design of the ŠKODA OCTAVIA marks just the beginning. The brand’s most successful model continues to establish benchmarks for connectivity, safety and comfort. Explore the innovation in detail.

13. 1. 2017 MODELS

Sales figures provide the strongest testimony as to the importance for ŠKODA of the OCTAVIA, whether that be the regular version or the sports-themed RS. In the past year alone, 436,000 OCTAVIA cars were sold. In 2016, the combi variant was the best-selling model in its segment in Europe. With 5 million of the cars having been delivered to customers in recent years, OCTAVIA is the Mladá Boleslav manufacturer’s best-selling car.


The upgraded ŠKODA OCTAVIA



This is the first time that we have invested so much effort and so much time into the makeover of this car.

Bernhard Maier

"In 1996, we presented the first ŠKODA OCTAVIA of the new era. The new concept, the new package and a broad range of ‘Simply Clever’ details redefined the brand from scratch and won the hearts of our customers from the very beginning," said Bernhard Maier, the CEO of ŠKODA.

This is why the model’s upgrade was so important – because OCTAVIA is the embodiment of the brand’s main qualities.

"This is the first time that we have invested so much effort and so much time into the makeover of this car. Never before has it cost us so much effort. ŠKODA OCTAVIA is entering the second phase of its life cycle. It was a good car, but we wanted to make it even better than it was before. In total, I can promise you that the new OCTAVIA is continuing to set benchmarks and standards in its class."


World Premiere in Vienna

"In the past few years, Jozef Kabaň and his Design team have come up with a new, very expressive design language. They have also increased the emotionality of our brand and they created an unmistakeable brand identity. The objective is to make sure that a ŠKODA vehicle is always recognizable on the streets. That is why, irrespective of what model it is, it must have its own product identity. For this reason, we wanted to give the OCTAVIA a more distinct product identity and underscore its significance," explained the CEO of ŠKODA, Bernhard Maier, the reason of new distinctive headlight design.

The customers appreciate ŠKODA vehicles for their rational qualities and high user functionality, and therefore the upgrade’s goal was to expand the vehicle’s emotionality while underscoring its aesthetic qualities. In the spirit of the ŠKODA brand’s design language, today’s OCTAVIA presents a wider impression due to its re-interpreted front fascia. A main feature is of course the fully integrated LED lights.



HyperFocal: 0
Improved aerodynamics
A wider front

When viewed from the front, the vehicle radiates strength and self confidence. The third generation of OCTAVIA cars was introduced three or four years ago, and before that there was RAPID, which had opened the door to the new design language. Embarking upon this well-prepared route was OCTAVIA, followed by the flagship SUPERB model.



"And we wanted the OCTAVIA to go its own way as well and to take its own direction and to have a stronger, more prominent character."

The new OCTAVIA is distinctive, and therefore one will know immediately that it is a member of the ŠKODA family of outstanding vehicles. For example, a distinct improvement is the sculpted hood. The front creates a very clean and elegant impression, although the lights have very sporty characteristics. If one recollects what ŠKODA vehicles looked like in the past, one will surely recall the elegant lines of the sports models. In this sense, the current OCTAVIA continues successfully in this tradition.

We wanted the OCTAVIA to go its own way as well and to take its own direction and to have a stronger, more prominent character

Jozef Kabaň


Not only from the outside, the upgraded ŠKODA OCTAVIA shows new features also in the interior.

Named ŠKODA Connect, an entirely new digital realm is opening up for customers. This comprises two types of services: the first category includes online infotainment services that work together with the on board navigation systems and provide current traffic information on route and other personalized information. The second group includes the Care Connect service package, through which the customers obtain new possibilities for road assistance and may control some vehicle functions remotely. Optional accessories also include an LTE module for broadband Internet connectivity with the possibility for creating a Wi-Fi hotspot.

ŠKODA OCTAVIA certainly is not falling behind in its offer of assistance systems for increased safety and comfort. In their everyday lives, customers will appreciate especially new technologies such as predictive pedestrian protection, rear traffic alert, and trailer assist for easier backing up.

The focal point of the offer is the OCTAVIA RS sports variant, which combines the functionality typical of ŠKODA vehicles with extra doses of driving dynamics and emotion. The most powerful OCTAVIA has 169 kW at its disposal, and one feels the additional 10 horsepower immediately upon taking the wheel. A new transmission also represents a significant change from the previous version.

Why Divided Headlights?

The current form of the design language for ŠKODA vehicles had its start in the study VisionD. It found its way into serial production with the RAPID. This compact vehicle set out a course that OCTAVIA later followed. The elegant and self confident SUPERB was the culmination of this line. Doubled headlights accentuate the prominence of the brand’s bestseller and reinforce its unique identity such that it better stands out among other models within the family.




The current design solution also reaches back directly into the past, specifically to the legendary model ŠKODA 110 R, which in the later days of its production also had doubled headlights. Today’s OCTAVIA, however, reinterprets this solution in the spirit of state-of-the-art and crystal clean design.


The cloverleaf shape made up by the headlight ensemble also takes its cue from the uniform design vocabulary.




With its wider radiator grille – enhanced even further by additional crystalline headlights – the new front comes across as masculine and dynamic.


The vehicle‘s distinctive headlamps are inspired by the VisionC.