QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of the 2019 Geneva Motor Show!

QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of the 2019 Geneva Motor Show!

ŠKODA was staging several premières at this year's Geneva Motor Show. What do you know about them? See if you can get all 10 of our quiz questions right.

14. 3. 2019 MODELS

The ŠKODA stand in Geneva was a feast for the eyes. Visitors to the ŠKODA stand got to admire the VISION iV concept, explored the ŠKODA KAMIQ, the brand’s new urban SUV, and investigated the SCALA and other models on display.

ŠKODA Storyboard has devised a quiz to test how much you know about the latest developments premièred by ŠKODA in Geneva.

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The ŠKODA KAMIQ combines the best that two different types of car have to offer. Which two?

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The ŠKODA VISION iV is a foretaste of an electric production car. Before the year is out, ŠKODA will be launching its SUPERB PHEV with plug-in hybrid drive and a fully electric CITIGO. Further electrified vehicles are set to be introduced by 2022. How many of them will there be?

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The KAMIQ SUV is the first ŠKODA to feature dynamic front indicators. In what sweeping direction do the diodes light up?

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The VISION iV is designed particularly with minimum drag in mind. Even the wheels are aerodynamic. How big are they?

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In Geneva, ŠKODA has also premièred its unique two-wheeled concept for the micro-mobility market. What is the name of this concept with an electric motor mounted in the rear wheel hub and featuring brake energy regeneration?

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The SCALA is the ŠKODA brand’s first European model to incorporate a new design feature. What is it?

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The VISION iV has also caught the eye with its new interior design. Besides the new layout of the dashboard, the steering wheel’s appearance has also been revised. How many spokes does it have?

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The electric KLEMENT concept offers a range of unique solutions wrapped up in minimalist design and maximum functionality. What is its range per charge?

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The link between ŠKODA and the famous Tour de France cycling race has been going for 15 years now. An extension to this partnership has been signed in Geneva. Until what year has the Tour de France sponsorship deal now been extended?

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The FABIA R5 on display in Geneva has been revamped. Besides the fresh look, there have also been technical enhancements. How big is this rally car’s engine?

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