Modernised SUPERB Reveals Its Lines

Modernised SUPERB Reveals Its Lines

Now there’s one more reason to look forward to the IIHF Ice-Hockey World Championship in Bratislava this May, where the updated ŠKODA SUPERB will be introduced.

7. 5. 2019 Models Superb

ŠKODA is revealing a few details about the new car ahead of its official première. The design sketch shows the sharply drawn headlights, the fog lights with their distinctive strip, and the grille typical for ŠKODAs.

The car’s rear section is also set for a change. For the first time, the SUPERB will be graced with the ŠKODA name in letters instead of a logo.


The ŠKODA SUPERB: 85 years of history

In 2019, it will be precisely 85 years since the very first ŠKODA SUPERB saw the light of day. Take a look at the history of ŠKODA‘s flagship with ŠKODA Storyboard.

A legend is born (1934-1949)

The founding father of the ŠKODA SUPERB dynasty was launched in 1934 as one of three brand-new models boasting a progressive design in the form of a backbone chassis with a central support tube and swinging half-axles. The spacious body could accommodate seven people with ease. The power generated by the straight-six engines was transmitted to the rear axle via a four-speed manual transmission. Many revisions and major modernisations later, the SUPERB even appeared with a four-litre 96 PS (70.7 kW) eight-cylinder OHV engine. During the war, more than 1,600 SUPERBs adapted to military purposes were created, including about five 4×4 drive prototypes. Following the liberation, production continued with a revamped version of the car at the plant in Kvasiny.

Superb 640 (1935), Superb 3000 OHV (1939)_FI

SUPERB 640 from 1935 (left) and SUPERB 3000 OHV from 1939

First generation: ode to roominess (2001-2008)

In 2001, after a 50-year hiatus, ŠKODA officially re-entered the upper end of the market when it celebrated the world première of the first modern SUPERB at the IAA international motor show in Frankfurt. This graceful four-door sedan astonished everyone with the amount of space enjoyed by rear passengers. In what other car of the time (and since) could passengers cross their legs? And anyone who thought that wasn’t enough could comfortably stretch their legs thanks to the SUPERB’s optional fold-down central part of the front backrest. ŠKODA’s largest model also achieved recognition with its attention to practical details, such as the umbrella compartment in the rear doors. It took another two years, and a Rolls-Royce Phantom – the height of luxury – at that, for anyone to follow suit.


1st generation ŠKODA SUPERB

Reflecting its status within the ŠKODA hierarchy, a host of technology and equipment from the premium segment was made available for the SUPERB, including bi-xenon headlights, automatic air-conditioning with a rear-seat outlet, and a sunroof with solar cells. The range of engines comprised front-wheel-drive petrol and diesel units. Besides the manual transmissions, an automatic system with torque converter was also available.

In 2006, the first-generation SUPERB was facelifted and, in the process, gained a new trim level – LAURIN & KLEMENT. There were also alterations to the way the front and rear sections looked. The interior was reinterpreted and the 1.9 TDI powertrain was modified to raise its power from 77 kW to 85 kW.


1st generation ŠKODA SUPERB

Second generation: ode to reason (2008-2015)

The second-generation SUPERB of the modern age débuted at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show. While the previous model had profiled as a vehicle offering miraculous amounts of space, the new version added numerous smart design details to make using the car easier and more pleasant. The second-generation SUPERB stood out from the competition primarily on account of its TwinDoor patented tailgate opening system (offering the possibility of opening the fifth door either as a sedan or a liftback), intelligent all-wheel drive with fourth-generation Haldex inter-axle clutch, and adaptive bi-xenon headlights. All this, combined with the even greater kneeroom compared to the first generation and the colossal, easily accessible luggage compartment, made the SUPERB an offer without parallel in this price category. And anyone who thought that wasn’t enough only had to wait for one year before the estate version of the SUPERB was showcased for the first time at the 2009 Frankfurt motor show.


2nd generation ŠKODA SUPERB

With the exception of the prestigious six-cylinder petrol engine, all of the powertrains were turbocharged, while the role of automatic transmission was played by the dual-clutch DSG system. Over time, the range on offer expanded to include the estate, the economical GreenLine, the top-of-the-range LAURIN & KLEMENT, and the Outdoor design package (for estates).

The second generation’s facelift in 2013 was a lot bolder than that of the first generation. This time, the SUPERB took on more modern lines in keeping with ŠKODA’s new design language (including a revamped fascia and rear section and a new logo). Ita lso offered a raft of attractive technical, safety and comfort features. Innovations included adaptive bi-xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights, Driver Activity Assistant (to detect driver fatigue) and Automatic Parking Assistant version 2.0. The TwinDoor system was also improved, with the “liftback” and “sedan” each now having their own button.


2nd generation ŠKODA SUPERB

Third generation: dawn of a new era (2015-present)

After seven years’ production, the SUPERB II gave way to a successor. The third generation of ŠKODA’s flagship builds on the main strengths highly appreciated by the owners of the more than a million SUPERBs made since 2001. It provides a spatial concept that appears to be unlike anything else in the segment. The SUPERB III has improved on the second generation in terms of its width, headroom and luggage compartment size.

Nová ŠKODA Superb SportLine

3rd generation ŠKODA SUPERB

The new version also outperforms its predecessor in certain other respects: it is built using the Volkswagen Group’s modern MQB technology, benefits from modern engines and transmissions, and is the safest, most economical, most technically advanced, and most practical SUPERB of all time.


3rd generation ŠKODA SUPERB