Revised SUPERB Introduces Full LED Matrix Headlights

Revised SUPERB Introduces Full LED Matrix Headlights

Do you know what full LED matrix headlights are? Find out how they are beneficial, what an expert says about them, and how their use has developed in the revised ŠKODA SUPERB.

14. 5. 2019 MODELS SUPERB

The revised SUPERB will be the first ŠKODA to feature full LED matrix headlights. Headlights with the signature crystalline elements and the inscription “ŠKODA Crystal Lighting” enhance the model’s new look.

Innovative matrix technology generates a light cone from several individually controlled segments, allowing the driver to use the full beam without dazzling oncoming vehicles. This system relies on a camera in the windscreen to detect oncoming traffic.

“The most important benefit of matrix light technology is that the system automatically responds to traffic situations and turns off only certain segments of the light cone. The other segments remain on and light up the road. As a result, the driver feels much safer,” says Vratislav Kratochvíl, Front Lighting Coordinator, ŠKODA Technical Development.

LED technology is also used in the newly shaped fog lights. The dynamic look of the full LED rear lights is compounded by dynamic direction indicators, which light up sequentially, starting from the inner side of the light and sweeping outwards.

The headlights also incorporate the animated Coming/Leaving Home feature, which automatically switches part of the front and rear lighting on and off when you unlock or lock the car.

Vratislav Kratochvíl
Front Lighting Coordinator, ŠKODA Technical Development


ŠKODA reveals design sketch for the revised SUPERB

The revised ŠKODA SUPERB is set to be unveiled next week.