ŠKODA Mission to Mars

ŠKODA Mission to Mars

The ŠKODA SUPERB has launched itself to Mars. The locals there even came out to greet their visitor. The news spread like wildfire around the world. This was all down to the French importer of ŠKODA cars.

19. 2. 2018 MODELS SUPERB

ŠKODA has shown that it can keep step with current events – and that it is good for a laugh. The French have chosen a red ŠKODA SUPERB SPORTLINE model for the trip to Mars. Its 2.0 TSI engine churns out thrust of 280 horsepower.

After careful preparations, prelaunch checks and all system tests, the car set off on its mission. It reached its destination surprisingly quickly, and the inhabitants of Mars gave the Marsonaut a warm welcome. He was then able to disembark from the safety of his ŠKODA SUPERB SPORTLINE, stand on the soil of Mars, and test its atmosphere and gravity.

The entire mission is captured in this video:

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