The iV and G-TEC. Green Alternatives

The <span>i</span>V and G-TEC. Green Alternatives

ŠKODA is introducing its alternative-drive vehicles at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Take a closer look.

11. 9. 2019 Models

The future of mobility is becoming increasingly wrapped up in alternative drives. This trend is also reflected at ŠKODA: besides its SUPERB iV plug-in hybrid and all-electric CITIGOᵉ iV, it is also launching two cars propelled by compressed natural gas (CNG) – the SCALA G-TEC and the KAMIQ G-TEC.

The SUPERB iV and the CITIGOᵉ iV are ŠKODA’s gateway to the world of eMobility. The SUPERB iV is a plug-in hybrid, which means that it combines an internal combustion engine with an electric motor to deliver a combined power output of 160 kW.


It can drive purely on electricity for up to 56 km in the WLTP cycle. The vehicle can also run on a petrol engine. Naturally, you can combine both drives to generate as much power as possible and yet enjoy a ride that could not be more economical. 


The SUPERB iV will be available in the Ambition, Style, luxury Laurin & Klement and sporty SPORTLINE trim levels.


The CITIGOᵉ iV is ŠKODA’s first all-electric vehicle. It is propelled by a 61 kW electric motor.

ŠKODA CITIGO<sup>e</sup> iV

Combined with 36.8 kWh batteries, it can travel up to 260 km on a single charge (in the WLTP cycle).

ŠKODA CITIGO<sup>e</sup> iV

With its compact dimensions, 250-litre luggage compartment and maximum torque available from zero, the CITIGOᵉ iV is the perfect companion for urban traffic.

ŠKODA CITIGO<sup>e</sup> iV

The G-TEC family is growing

Electric motors are not the only alternative drive that we will be seeing more of in the future of ŠKODA cars. Compressed natural gas offers the user friendliness of internal combustion engines combined with lower emissions. Following on from the OCTAVIA COMBI G-TEC, the family of CNG-propelled ŠKODAs will expand to include the compact ŠKODA SCALA G-TEC and the ŠKODA KAMIQ G-TEC urban SUV, the studies of which – similar to the production versions – are on display at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. 


“As we engage in CO₂ emission abatement, natural gas is set to play an important role in ŠKODA’s range of engines in the coming years,” says Christian Strube, the ŠKODA board member responsible for technical development. “Our G-TEC models will become increasingly popular because of their lower emissions and low fuel prices in many countries,” adds Strube.

Christian Strube

ŠKODA board member responsible for technical development


The SCALA and KAMIQ are the Czech carmaker’s first cars to be built on the MQB platform, meaning they can boast the advanced driver-assistance systems mainly associated with higher-end cars. Technologically, they are a huge stride forward because, for example, they have been blessed with the latest generation of infotainment systems, enabling them to be always online. Design features such as the dynamic direction indicators and the ŠKODA name in letters on the tailgate (which actually debuted with the SCALA) are the icing on the cake.