This article is the first time any information on the ŠKODA KODIAQ RS has been released. Don’t expect to find out anything specific about the engine, performance or top speed yet, but very soon you can look forward to something you wouldn’t have expected of a seven-seater SUV.

The KODIAQ RS, you see, went on an outing, accompanied by its “father”, František Drábek, who – as Head of Model Range Compact – spearheaded the ŠKODA KODIAQ RS’s development. Under the watchful eye of František Drábek, Sabine Schmitz, the racer with a winning smile and devilishly fast driving skills, came to grips with the ŠKODA KODIAQ RS.



When you hear the name Sabine Schmitz, the immediate association is with the Nürburgring, or more precisely its Nordschleife loop. Sabine Schmitz knows this legendary and highly challenging circuit perhaps like no other, and as a driver she has already taken her fair share of co-drivers around the track. Next up in that long line was František Drábek, who placed his finely chiselled child in her hands, on her home turf, at the legendary Green Hell of the Nordschleife.


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