Will It Fit? KODIAQ vs. Rugby Team

Will It Fit? KODIAQ vs. Rugby Team

ŠKODA KODIAQ is the Czech carmaker’s first seven-seat vehicle, but how many can this big SUV really hold? We tried a little experiment and invited a girls’ rugby team to fill the KODIAQ up to its roof. Take a look at the first video from our new “Will It Fit?” series to see how the test went.

31. 3. 2017 Models Kodiaq

Everybody knows the ŠKODA KODIAQ can carry up to seven people, but what happens when 20 players from Prague’s RK Petrovice girls’ rugby team all try to get in? We tried this unusual feat, and it is really interesting to watch! See the result in the video and, just to be on the safe side: don’t try this at home.

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