Explore the redesigned Škoda exposition at Autostadt

Explore the redesigned Škoda exposition at Autostadt

Škoda’s innovative exposition at Autostadt in Wolfsburg presents the Czech carmakers’ latest models. It highlights Škoda’s spirit of exploration, and there are some nice surprises for the youngest visitors as well.

13. 11. 2023 Škoda World

The Škoda pavilion at “automobile city” (Autostadt in German) in Wolfsburg, Germany, has been redesigned. The building, designed by Czech architect Bořek Šípek, remains the same on the outside, but the brand’s new strategy has been reflected in the new look of the exhibition inside the pavilion.

The Škoda Pavilion at Autostadt was designed by architect Bořek Šípek.

“Ever since it was opened, the Škoda Pavilion has focused on both families and individual fans. We showcase the rich and varied history of one of the oldest car brands in the world, but also the latest models on offer,” says Andrea Frydlová, head of the Škoda Museum, which is involved in running the pavilion. “The Škoda pavilion has always been one of the most popular among families and school trips, and now we want to build on this with the new exposition,” adds Simona Tomanová from the Škoda marketing department.

Frydlova-copy_8d500db4 Andrea Frydlová
Head of the Škoda Museum

Part of the exposition charts the company’s first steps.

Visitors can learn about the brand’s history, its close links to sport, interesting facts and news from the field of mobile and digital services, as well as new Škoda cars. There are currently 4 models on display in the pavilion, with a prominent position in the centre of the exposition given to a design sculpture of a future large electric SUV based on the Vision 7S study.  

Visitors can admire both current models and visions of the near future.

The exposition also showcases the Czech carmaker’s focus on recycling and sustainable materials, so visitors can find out which parts of the car use sustainably sourced materials.

History but also interactivity

“Our intention was to present the brand with a fresh new look and interactive elements. We focused on eMobility, sustainability, history, and our human touch and our customers. It goes without saying that there are also activities for children,” says Simona Tomanová, describing the new philosophy of the pavilion. In the sports section, you can compete against a computer, another person or see who can produce more energy in 30 or 60 seconds while pedaling on an exercise bike to charge the Enyaq electric car.

There is also a small climbing wall for children, as well as a wall on which they can colour in a giant picture, balance bikes and interactive points throughout the exposition. These places are marked with a special pictogram. “We’ve also prepared a crossword puzzle competition for children to win a small prize, and adults can try a knowledge quiz linked to the exposition,” Simona Tomanová says, listing some of the many reasons to visit.

Simona-Tomanova-copy_561d40dfSimona Tomanová
Škoda marketing department 

Preparation of the pavilion’s new look began in January 2023 and the transformation itself took about three weeks. The exposition will continue to be gradually transformed and updated. “For 2024, we plan to spice up the exposition with short-term exhibitions and events, such as when new models are launched or to highlight the Ice Hockey World Championship or Tour de France, which Škoda has long supported,” Simona Tomanová adds. In the first seven months of this year alone, more than 60,000 visitors came to the Škoda pavilion at Autostadt, and the new exposition is bound to bring in many more.

What is Autostadt?

The Autostadt is an automobile theme park that opened in Wolfsburg, Germany, on the occasion of EXPO 2000 (held in Hannover). Covering an area of 28 hectares, it offers visitors a range of opportunities and experiences linked to Volkswagen Group cars. The goal of the park is not only to show visitors and enthusiasts the cars themselves, but also to present the history of the brands and their current philosophy and strategy. The pavilions of the various brands lie form the core of the park: the Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Škoda, Porsche and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles pavilions. The park offers activities for the whole family and visitors can also take a tour of the Volkswagen factory. Autostadt even lets you park your car here and stay overnight in your own caravan or other motorhome. Selected brands from VW Group offer customers the opportunity to take delivery of their new car at Autostadt. This also makes it the largest customer centre of its kind in the world, with more than three million customers having come to collect their cars here.