Christmas Playlist

Christmas Playlist

The smell of vanilla, cinnamon, lemon zest, and star anise wafts through the air from all households before Christmas in the same way as Christmas songs do. Tune in to the holiday vibe with our playlist.

23. 12. 2016 Škoda World INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY

Whether you travel by road, by air, or by rails, you can drift into the festive mood instantly with the Christmas playlist song selection. Will your choice be a smash hit for that “crazy Christmas ride” in the comfort of your car? Or would you prefer melodies that’ll soothe you while riding the bus or train with other travellers? The choice is all yours. Put on the headphones, or alternatively, pair your cellphone with the multimedia system in the car, and enjoy the Christmas hits.

►  Bob Dylan/ Must be Santa

Falls into the “funny songs” category. Ideal for sharing with friends and a little bit of collective Christmas cavorting.

►  Michael Bublé/ Santa Baby

Slower but pleasant rhythm of this song is just a perfect match for Christmas. Suitable for rather “private” listeners. It’s an ideal backdrop for watching the landscape go by through the train window.

 ►  Dean Martin/ Let It Snow!

This hit will immediately shake the winter blues off anybody. One is tempted just to dance among falling snowflakes dressed in Christmas sweater.

 ►  Billy Mack/ Christmas Is All Around

Listening to this cool piece of music can evoke various things within you. But definitely don’t try to imitate the singer’s peculiar moves. You could do an irreversible damage to your body.



►  Vánoce, Vánoce přicházejí

Unfortunately, if you’re not from the Czech Republic you won’t be able to sing along, but you can still humm along this beautiful melody. Merry Christmas!

►  Chris Rea/ Driving home for Christmas

The ultimate Christmas mellow. It has the tendency to evoke a lot of pleasant memories or even move deeply.

►  Mariah Carey/ All I Want for Christmas Is You

Unmistakeable voice of Mariah Carey is ideal for letting off some steam in traffic jams, or for a little Christmas home disco.


►  Wham!/ Last Christmas

An immortalized classic that needs to be heard – preferably on repeat – by as many people all over the world as possible.

 ►  Brenda Lee/ Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

If you got tasked with decorating the tree this year, don’t despair. Run this hit on repeat several times and you’re ready in no time! And in no-stress rhythm.

 ►  Kylie Minogue/ Every Day´s Like Christmas

Amorous voice of this pop diva certainly belongs among the many layers of Christmas mood. Do you like to have a little dance in the cosiness of your home with a glass of wine? Perfect song for such pastime.


You can enjoy the Christmas Playlist also on Spotify.