Harmonious proportions, clean-cut lines, bold contours and crystalline features are combined to create a design that places a focus on precision and clarity. One of the sources of inspiration for ŠKODA’s designers is Czech crystal glass art, which is characterised by outstanding craftsmanship. This yields an expressive, emotionally charged design which harmoniously combines aesthetics and functionality.

23. 3. 2017 Škoda World INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY

“Within just a few years, ŠKODA’s new design language has already yielded a number of sensational design studies which point towards the future of our brand,” said Karl Neuhold, Head of Exterior Design at ŠKODA. “Our objectives are clearly defined and we are now ready to present the next step.”

With harmonious proportions, clear contours, precise lines and clean-cut edges in both the exterior and interior, the ŠKODA DESIGN DNA demonstrates a strikingly clear and particularly distinct style. This DNA is an expression of the timeless elegance and modern functionality that is typical for ŠKODA cars.

Equally characteristic are the powerful contours, which set the stage for a sensational interplay between light and shade that conveys dynamism and emotiveness. Crystalline structures can also be seen in headlights, tail lights and other features. Their crystalline, three-dimensional design gives them a high-quality character defined by modern technology and particular finesse.

With awareness of tradition and heritage, ŠKODA has developed a design language that distinguishes the brand and has already been applied to numerous concept studies. Charting its progress from the ŠKODA VISION D design study through to the ŠKODA VISION C and ŠKODA VISION S concepts reveals a continuous development that is also reflected in the appearance of the brand’s most recent models and which will also decisively shape design at ŠKODA in future.


This study marked a big step in the future of ŠKODA, providing a first sneak peek on the brand’s new design language. The ŠKODA VISION D took typical elements of ŠKODA design and moved them further to the future, adding sharp, clean lines along the way.


ŠKODA VISION C is a five-door coupé with expressive styling and dynamic elegance. A unique combination of soft, light contours, concave and convex surfaces as well as sharp, precise lines. Expressive, dynamic, emotional and also environmentally friendly.


ŠKODA’s VISION S features three rows of seats, offering a generous amount of room for six passengers. The exterior design of the ŠKODA VISION S reflects the brand’s emotional appeal: All the edges and lines are clear, precise and sharp; crystalline design elements accentuate the exterior. The interplay of light and shadow creates powerful effects on the strikingly chiselled surfaces.


In the near future, another concept study will enable ŠKODA to underline the constant evolution of the ŠKODA design.