Making of Video: Behind the ŠKODA Logo Story

Making of Video: Behind the ŠKODA Logo Story

Feathered headband? A hedgehog? Some kind of inside joke? We’ve recently found out that Google gets asked one question concerning ŠKODA with repeating certainty – what does the logo mean? ŠKODA brought the answer.

26. 9. 2017 Škoda World

Not long ago, ŠKODA decided to make an adventurous video to finally cast some light on the creative process behind the logo throughout the ages. And what a process it was – the company’s journey started in 1895 in a small, out-of-the-garage bicycle workshop named after its founders - Laurin & Klement - and through 122 years, after a merger with ŠKODA and later Volkswagen, evolved into the automotive giant as everybody knows it.

In this motion feature that aims to both entertain and educate, historical scale replicas of various cars are representing the style development of the brand and its iconic logo. Piloted by miniature versions of the brand’s founders, they make a fearless chase through ŠKODA’s design timeline and its namesake museum, explaining the thought process of how the logo came to life. After all, it proved to be truly and undisputedly a winged arrow, or to quote the video: “The arrow of precision upon the wings of progress.”


Making such a dynamic and CGI-loaded feature was no easy task, so ŠKODA got together with the makers, Fallon agency creatives, and asked them how the idea transferred from the drawing board to the finished piece. This article features a Making Of video that might shed some light on the inner workings of how such a video is actually produced.

Watch how the video was made:

As we all know from experience, great things take a while to make. The core idea first appeared in a briefing session in June 2016 but the cogs really started turning in November of the same year, when the concept got expanded by the logo narrative. Rather than using the classic documentary-like show and tell style, the makers opted for a literal fun ride through history.


The cars pictured feature, among others, some rarities that can’t be even found in the museum, namely ŠKODA DYNAMIC 935 that was acquired after some persuasion, famed RAPID MONTE CARLO, SUPERB 640 (which had to be brought from Germany via a collector), and VISION models from C through E, which are mere concepts of electric-powered vehicles as of now.


After finishing the scripts and storyboards, the real fun could begin. Cameramen and actors took the floor and the shoot took exactly five nights, meters of green screen, and featured 12 animated car models, apart from the displayed real automobiles. Bringing the CGI car chase to life was the most demanding task, which postproduction took three full months and a restless animator team. Overall, about 60 people consisted the skeleton crew but all the people involved in the project added up to 100 and you can take a peek at some of them in the Making Of video.


Putting all these numbers in one equation resulted in a stunning piece of cinematography that surely tickles one’s fancy. But will, above all, answer that burning question – what is it about the ŠKODA logo?


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