How to have fun when it’s better to stay at home

How to have fun when it’s better to stay at home

Most of us are now experiencing times when it’s best to stay at home as much as possible. During the coronavirus pandemic it is the responsible thing to do for ourselves, our children and others. Here are a few quick tips for getting through these testing days.

24. 3. 2020 Škoda World Responsibility

Maybe you thought until recently that the worst question in the world is “When will we be there?” In many households today that’s changed to “How much longer are we going to be stuck at home?” And because nobody knows exactly, the best thing will be to think positive and turn your children’s questions into a little home school. Cars can be one of the teaching subjects.

The best thing would be to swap roles, so the adults start asking the kids questions. For example: is our car a boy or a girl? Do cars have mums? Or who taught cars to drive? You’ll see that it suddenly becomes fun. And your kids are bound to come up with some original answers.

Entertain your kids with riddles that are fun and also educational

Have fun with a children’s book in your mobile phone

Laura and Clement are two friends for your youngest motorists. It’s easy to find the ŠKODA Magic Book app, which is a good old picture book for kids, in your mobile phone and tablet. The kids choose whether to have fun with Laura and Clement at home or in an urban jungle, and off they go. They can explore and discover, change the colour of cars (FABIA or KAROQ models, by the way), toot the horn and try out all the clever touchscreen options. Most importantly, they’ll stop asking questions for a while.

Yoga is soothing for body and mind

Professional yoga teacher Kerstin Emge has given ŠKODA Storyboard some tips for yoga positions that relieve stress and tension or fatigue for drivers. It’s true that most people won’t be doing much driving right now, but there’s still more than enough stress and tiredness to go round. All you need to do is to put down a mat at home and follow the instructions. It will relax your spine, neck and muscles, and above all soothe your nerves.

It will help you clear your head and relax when you’re stressed

Make a model of a KAROQ

Days spent at home can be an opportunity to rediscover things we used to do. Or teach them to your kids. Or try something for the first time. Like making models. Download a 1:32 scale paper model of the compact SUV ŠKODA KAROQ and get model making. Just print out the attached PDF file, grab some scissors and a bit of glue and you’re good to go.

Modelling teaches one patience and fosters inner peace.