Shake it and listen

Shake it and listen

ŠKODA performs countless different tests on its cars. One of them takes place in something called the Shaker, which helps detect unwanted noises before a car goes into production.

4. 8. 2022 Škoda World

Every car produced goes to the test polygon, where technicians check that there are no suspicious knocking, squeaking or rattling noises. But the effort to eliminate all unwanted noises starts much earlier, during the development of the car itself, when the car undergoes a series of tests, many of which focus on identifying the sources of noise and then eliminating them.

These tests are typically also carried out on the polygon, but ŠKODA also carries out laboratory testing to ensure repeatability and to test vehicles that are still secret. These are done using a special piece of equipment known as the Shaker, which is available to engineers at both the Mladá Boleslav and Kvasiny plants. The Shaker is a special device that can vibrate the car exactly according to the engineers’ requirements.

The way it works is simple: on real roads the technicians first record data on how the particular route makes the car vibrate. These data are then converted so that Shaker can simulate the same vibrations that were recorded on the road. The car is then vibrated by two special units that are anchored into holes in the bottom part of the body, transmitting vibrations of between 5 and 200 Hz to the entire car. The advantage of this testing is not only that the test can be repeated, but also that it is not dependent on the weather. And the Shaker can be used to simulate driving on virtually any road in the world: you just need to have data recorded from it.

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