Škoda Elroq: what’s hiding under the camouflage?

Škoda Elroq: what’s hiding under the camouflage?

The new Škoda Elroq is slowly being revealed, albeit still under camouflage for the moment. The compact electric SUV will offer a new design style, a range of over 560 kilometres and a number of practical details. Take a peek under its camouflage.

1. 7. 2024 Škoda World

The Škoda Elroq is set to join the most popular car category in Europe today, the compact SUV. “The Elroq is a milestone in our BEV portfolio, the first in a coming line-up of six new fully electric models, following the success of the Enyaq and Enyaq Coupé,” emphasises Škoda CEO Klaus Zellmer.

In this class, it represents an electric alternative to the combustion-engined Škoda Karoq. In the Czech brand’s electric vehicle hierarchy, the Elroq will then slot in between the Enyaq and the future Epiq urban SUV crossover.


Modern solid

The Elroq is the Czech carmaker’s first car to bring the brand new Modern solid design style. “Its functional, minimalist and clean Modern solid look exudes authenticity and robustness, thus retaining distinctive Škoda design features that are hallmarks of our brand,” is how chief designer Oliver Stefani describes the new style.

One characteristic element of the new language is the new Tech Deck Face radiator grille, which contains the radar and front camera and elegantly continues the new headlights design. Even the basic version of the car uses LED technology, and LED Matrix headlamps with 36 individual light segments will be available as an option. The Škoda lettering on the bonnet is another new feature.


The design style is also making its presence felt in the interior. The head-up display has graphics in the style of the brand’s new corporate identity; the driver will enjoy a 5.3-inch digital instrument panel and the infotainment system features a 13-inch touchscreen. The various Design Selections, which are different versions of the interior design, emphasise the use of recycled and recyclable materials.

The Elroq offers 470 litres of space for luggage, with up to 1,580 litres of cargo space when the rear seats are folded down. Once again, the car will offer a range of Simply Clever features as well as smart storage spaces with a capacity of up to 48 litres. Optional features include a new pocket for storing a charging cable and an adjustable parcel shelf for the boot. Another interesting new feature is a QR code that takes the customer to an overview of the equipment and available functions of their car and allows them to watch video instructions for using some of the car’s smart solutions.  


A relative of the Enyaq

In technical terms, the Škoda Elroq is a close relative of the Enyaq family and is based on the same MEB platform. The Elroq will come in a total of four powertrain variants: the Elroq 50 has a 55 kWh battery and a 125 kW electric motor driving the rear axle. The Elroq 60 gets a 63 kWh battery and a 150 kW electric motor, while the Elroq 85 offers an 82 kWh battery and a 210 kW electric motor. The Elroq 85x has the same battery capacity plus all-wheel drive and 220 kW of power.

In the WLTP cycle, the Elroq will also have a range of more than 560 kilometres on a single charge. And fast charging from 10% to 80% is a matter of less than twenty-eight minutes for all variants. Charging at home, for example using one of Škoda’s wallboxes with up to 11 kW of power, can take between 5,5 and 8 hours at maximum output, depending on the design.


A range of safety and assistance systems is also standard. New features include the use of cloud-based data to improve the functionality of Travel Assist and advanced functions to make parking easier. The Elroq will offer remote parking and trained parking, for example. The latter feature allows the driver to teach the car to park in five locations with a maximum trained journey of up to 50 metres. The car can perform manoeuvres on this route completely automatically, and even remotely via the MyŠkoda app. The app, by the way, also makes charging easy thanks to the Powerpass service or control of home charging from the wallbox.

Elroq in Amsterdam

The media drives with the camouflaged Škoda Elroq EV took place in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. The choice of location wasn’t random. The Netherlands is a traditional market for Škoda Auto and the brand has thrived there in recent years. The Dutch market is also known for a high proportion of electric and electrified car sales which make up more than a third of the market. With more than 200,000 charging points, the country also has the densest network of charging stations in Europe. This is also why Škoda Enyaq is successful there, the Netherlands is actually the third-largest market for the model. At the same time, Dutch customers are shifting their interest towards more affordable electric vehicles. That is a big opportunity for the new Elroq and for Škoda to expand its customer base in the Netherlands but also in Europe in general.