The Ice-Hockey Fairy Tales of Herning

The Ice-Hockey Fairy Tales of Herning

Although the main stars are concentrated in Denmark’s ice-hockey arenas, the year-round sights of Herning open their arms to all eager sightseers with the customary Scandinavian hospitality.

3. 5. 2018 Škoda World

Three hours away from the Danish capital lies the second 2018 IIHF  Ice Hockey World Championship city – Herning, twice named Denmark’s City of the Year, is located in Central Jutland. Our tour starts at the main draw for all ice-hockey fans coming to the city. “The Jyske Bank Boxen ice-hockey arena, opened in 2010, has hosted numerous cool events,” says Søren Juul Baunsgaard, the CEO of, as he starts the day’s tour.


His adrenalin is sure to be gushing at the ice-hockey very soon, but for now he leads the way to the city centre, teeming with coffeehouses, little shops and classic Scandinavian open-air architecture. “This place will soon be packed with partying ice-hockey fans, creating a fun and ecstatic atmosphere,” Søren says, before taking us to the next stop – a monument near Herning that would be perfect for a James Bond movie were it to be filmed in Denmark.

Søren Juul Baunsgaard
CEO of




Yes, the Elia is a Herning landmark that is easy to imagine as a villain’s lair. Søren adds to the excitement surrounding this attraction by claiming that the big sculpture even spits fire! This place is also a must-see for the beautiful view we are afforded from the top. Flames are evocative of ice-hockey games to fans as sometimes when players make their way on to the ice before the start of the game they are accompanied by a fire show. Anyway, let’s get going to Birk Centerpark, home of the modern CHPEA museum.


Fairytales all around
A unique collection of over 6,000 works by Carl Henning Pedersen and Else Alfelts, two of the most famous Danish painters, is at the heart of this extraordinary building. “Carl Henning Pedersen is known as a painter of fairy tales because of his magical and enchanting style,” Søren explains, following up by pointing at some of the characteristic paintings.


Søby Brunkulsmuseum
Outside Herning, the ŠKODA KAROQ crew suddenly finds itself driving through a very different landscape. A former lignite mining area, abandoned and left as a reminder of Danish history, especially the Second World War. This a very raw and truthful place for a bit of careful sightseeing and rambling. But let’s leave the wandering for a nicer spot.


Skjern Å
There are well-known wetlands along the Skjern Å, the largest river in Denmark in terms of volume, just half-an-hour’s drive away from Herning. This unique piece of nature, ideal for out-of-this-world outdoor adventures, is an unmissable experience. For anglers in particular, this is the best fishing site in Denmark as it boasts famous ice-age tribe salmon! “Yes, this area is just fantastic, people come here from all over Europe,” adds Søren, and continues: “Whether you choose to explore it on foot, on bikes or on horseback, you’re in for a treat.”


And he is right. The adrenalin of ice-hockey, contemporary art, and a superb outdoor experience – Herning offers it all.



With ice-hockey a national sport in the Czech Republic, ŠKODA’s 26-year sponsorship of the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship is entirely logical. “Ice-hockey is an exciting game that commands the attention of people all over the world. What’s more, as a sport it is dynamic, down-to-earth, and fair – these are the same attributes underpinning ŠKODA’s corporate culture and visions,” explains Bernhard Maier, Chairman of the ŠKODA Board of Directors. Find out more about ŠKODA's passion for ice-hockey in older article here.





The event all ice-hockey fans have been waiting for has arrived! National teams from sixteen countries worldwide are converging on Denmark to compete, first in groups and then the play-offs. You can study the tournament schedule and download it in the attached list of fixtures:


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