Ice-Hockey, Smørrebrød and Copenhagen

Ice-Hockey, Smørrebrød and Copenhagen

You’ve come to Copenhagen, either for the ice-hockey or just to visit. Now what? Here are few tips handpicked by an expert – a local guide.

2. 5. 2018 Škoda World

The stars of the ice-hockey world will be congregating here for the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship this May. What better city for all the tourists and history lovers out there? Let’s put the excitement of the ice-hockey to one side for a while and team up with a top local guide to check out the hot spots of this former Viking fishing village. We’ll be skipping Copenhagen’s most famous and notorious attraction: the Little Mermaid.


Mads Kristian Mikkelsen
tour guide and former history teacher

The world’s most bicycle-friendly city shows its true face from the crack of day – conventional car traffic is quite low in the capital of Denmark. Instead, there are bicycles all around. And no wonder, as the bikes in Copenhagen actually outnumber the inhabitants! With bike rentals on every corner, bikesharing is very popular here. So former history teacher Mads Kristian Mikkelsen starts his city tour by switching from a ŠKODA KAROQ to bikes. Simply choose the one you fancy, register and off you go!




In central Copenhagen, sitting in picturesque surroundings, is Nyhavn, originally a busy commercial port, now famous for its vibrancy, many restaurants and bars, and more. “Just consider that Hans Christian Andersen lived in three different houses here,” points out Mads. “It’s the perfect place to grab a drink or simply round off a long day, but we’re not done yet. There’s something else I want to show you,” says Mads as he starts riding off.


360-degree view of freedom
The city’s most famous church is the Church of Our Saviour. Your reward for climbing the 400 steps of its serpentine spire is a breathtaking view. From the top of Our Saviour, the royal city of Copenhagen is clearly visible. This includes Amalienborg, the royal palace complex. Why is the Danish flag flying above one building, but not the other? “It shows who is at home – the Queen of Denmark is in residence, but the Crown Prince and his family are away at the moment,” explains Mads.


A Royal rarity
The four identical royal palaces in the centre of Copenhagen are built around a square with a magnificent equestrian statue of the Danish King Frederic V from 1771. Without Mads comment that “it took 20 years to construct and cost the same as all the royal palaces put together,” it would have been just another monarch’s statue, but this nugget of information makes it intriguing. Right, time to move on and eat something good to keep us going!


Smørrebrød - bread
Near Amalienborg and close to the Citadel, our guide enters a cosy restaurant called Café Toldboden. He is planning on converting us to Danish cuisine. And by ordering Smørrebrød, he does a really good job of it! This traditional Danish open sandwich on rye bread, covered in herring, salmon or even roast beef or tartare, is a refreshing delight. While the range of options is vast, as the owners say and laugh: “If you’re in Denmark, you should have fish on your smørrebrød!” By the way, the Little Mermaid, Copenhagen’s most famous attraction, is 10 minutes’ walk from here.


After our restorative break at the café, Mads decides to reveal a hidden oasis just a hundred metres from the Danish Parliament. Spread out before us, in the tranquility of the Royal Library’s garden, is the erstwhile 17th-century navy harbour. Not a soul is here, as few know about it. What a perfect place in the heart of Copenhagen!




With ice-hockey a national sport in the Czech Republic, ŠKODA’s 26-year sponsorship of the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship is entirely logical. “Ice-hockey is an exciting game that commands the attention of people all over the world. What’s more, as a sport it is dynamic, down-to-earth, and fair – these are the same attributes underpinning ŠKODA’s corporate culture and visions,” explains Bernhard Maier, Chairman of the ŠKODA Board of Directors. Find out more about ŠKODA's passion for ice-hockey in older article here.



The event all ice-hockey fans have been waiting for has arrived! National teams from sixteen countries worldwide are converging on Denmark to compete, first in groups and then the play-offs. You can study the tournament schedule and download it in the attached list of fixtures:


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