QUIZ: How Much Do You Know about E-mobility?

QUIZ: How Much Do You Know about E-mobility?

E-mobility and other matters associated with the future of mobility are increasingly at the forefront of professional and public interest. Find out how much you really know this subject.

20. 9. 2018 eMobility

The ŠKODA brand, primed for the future, is working hard on digitalisation and paving the way for electric cars, the first of which will be introduced to customers very soon – next year. Yet that’s not all there is to look forward to in the future.

Test your knowledge on the future of mobility in our quiz below. There are 10 multiple-choice questions, each with just one correct answer. Read our ŠKODA Storyboard articles to find all the right answers.

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How many electrified models will there be in the ŠKODA range in 2025?

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How is the consumption of electric vehicles expressed?

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What drive does a PHEV (plug-in hybrid) have?

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Autonomous driving beckons in the future of mobility. There are five levels, from minimal to full automation. At what level can the system do the driving itself?

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In what year will the first purely electric ŠKODA – the electric CITIGO – be launched?

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ŠKODA has its own idea incubator that focuses on the digital future. What’s it called?

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The ŠKODA VISION E concept is a foretaste of ŠKODA’s purely electric car of the future. What is one of the unconventional benefits of electric drive here?

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One way of using a car without having to own it is to draw on the service provided by companies such as HoppyGo. What’s this service called?

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ŠKODA now offers you the opportunity to view the KAROQ from multiple angles, to configure it as you want it, and to place it in avrealistic setting. What technology makes this possible?

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Buzzwords in modern mobility include digitalisation, connectivity, and online services. Do you know which ŠKODA model was the first to offer an easy interconnection between the car and a smartphone?

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