OCTAVIA iV first-hand experience: I drove better than usual

OCTAVIA <span>i</span>V first-hand experience: I drove better than usual

A great family car: safe, comfortable and with lots of clever features. And environmentally friendly. That’s how influencer and mother Tereza Salte described the ŠKODA OCTAVIA iV after test-driving it for a week.

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Journeys to work, taking her son to kindergarten, shopping trips. That is the kind of day-to-day driving Tereza and her family did when trying out the plug-in hybrid for a week. She appreciated the car’s spaciousness, among other things.

“We have tons of stuff, so a car like this is practical for us. One of the things we liked was that you can hang your shopping bags on hooks in the boot, so your shopping doesn’t end up strewn all over the place,” she laughs.

One little thing that really delighted the influencer on cold mornings was the heated steering wheel. “I also like the car’s robustness – it makes you feel safe. And the fact that the car watches out for you – if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, it can brake by itself, it warns you if you stray out of your lane and things like that. I don’t think I’m the best driver in the world, but in this car I had the feeling that I was driving a bit better than usual,” she says with amusement.

And how did Tereza like the plug-in hybrid’s electric drive? “It’s wonderful that recuperation lets the battery charge on the go. And what I particularly appreciate is how much petrol you save – we managed most day-to-day trips into town using just the electric motor, and the sixty-kilometre range was more than enough for us,” Tereza concludes.

Tereza In Oslo

First and foremost a mum who often believes that if you plan your life right you can make your dreams come true – that’s how Tereza Salte, an author and podcaster, describes herself. Her husband John Erik is Norwegian. They have lived in Oslo for a long time but have now settled just outside Prague. Tereza is the author of the popular blog Tereza In Oslo, in which she tries to inspire readers with her own life story – above all those who want to follow their dreams and just need a bit of encouragement. Her almost 60,000 Instagram fans and over 10,000 Facebook followers are proof of her success.


“This car was a nice surprise for our family.”

How satisfied were you with the ŠKODA OCTAVIA iV?
It was a very pleasant surprise. It’s a great car I’d recommend to my friends and family as well as my readers and listeners. Genuinely. 

What specifically did you like about it?
It’s a very user-friendly car. Connectivity, for instance. Your phone starts charging by itself, automatically starts playing music from a chosen playlist and so on. Getting connected is far easier than in other cars we’ve had. 

What did your son think about it?
He loves red cars, so that’s what got him most excited. (laughs) And the nice and loud audio system, he likes that. He also liked the good view from the rear seat – he likes to watch me and husband drive. And I liked how easy it was to install a child seat - I managed it by myself without any difficulty.


All the advantages of the Czech carmaker’s bestseller combined with electric power – that’s the new hybrid OCTAVIA iV. The all-electric drive in town is backed up by a 1.4 TSI combustion engine for longer journeys. The total power output is 150 kilowatts; maximum torque is 350 Nm, and the electric motor makes it possible to achieve an overall petrol consumption of less than two litres per 100 km. It comes with state-of-the-art technology and perfect connectivity – all you need to control the car is a smartphone. Press a button and you can charge the battery from anywhere or turn on the air-conditioning before a journey.

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