Road to Christmas

Children love advent calendars. The sweet treat behind each window helps them to survive day by day until the time when Santa Claus will come. ŠKODA has a calendar of its own, but instead of a little piece of chocolate you can find here every day a new and interesting interview with an employee of the company. Their Christmas stories can inspire you during this much-loved time of the year.

1. 12. 2016

Memory of  the best Christmas present one has ever received may easily slip into one’ s thoughts when contemplating this year’ s gifts.Would my  little daughter be  so  delighted with a  tiny kitten as  I  was ? And what might I  myself find under the Christmas tree ? This is  just a  sampling of  Christmas – related questions which may come to  mind.Advent brings anticipation, curiosity and questions we  sometimes don’ t have time to  answer amidst the hurly – burly of  December.The answers hidden within the advent calendar from employees and other noteworthy people associated with ŠKODA may provide inspiration for how readers can spend a  tranquil Christmas.

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