Mumbai: The Ultimate Bike Challenge

Mumbai: The Ultimate Bike Challenge

What happens when three of the world’s best bike messengers face-off in complete traffic chaos? Enjoy six kilometer-long ride through rush hour madness in Mumbai.

15. 2. 2017 Lifestyle Sports Cycling

Lunch is ready and hungry workers are expecting it to be served hot, so this crew has their work cut out for them. Taking on the century old tradition of the dabbawala, our contestants were faced with infiltrating the revered Indian food delivery system. Most are familiar with the infamous alley-cat races, that for decades have served as the benchmark for who is who within the world of bicycle messengers, but this challenge takes things to a whole new level.



If you’ve ever seen a professional bike messenger zipping between cars at 20mph with a truckload of goods strapped to his back, you understand just how varied a skillset the profession requires. In a testament to the fact that bicycle couriering is about so much more than just making money, these riders prove they have a serious skill set that goes above and beyond getting from point A to point B. Eager to prove they can keep pace with Mumbai’s notorious dabbawala, find out whose lunch arrived hottest. Watch the video below and read the whole story at

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