Miss Peaches on the Road: Skatepark Tricks in Marseille

Miss Peaches on the Road: Skatepark Tricks in Marseille

As she journeys through Europe, Nina – alias Miss Peaches – has moved on from Switzerland to France. Her ŠKODA KAROQ has brought her safely to Marseille and a new adventure.

4. 9. 2018 Lifestyle Sports Cycling

In this Mediterranean coastal city, the “Flying Frenchman” – real name Tomas Lemoine – was meant to be waiting for Nina. However, the talented dirt jumper and street biker was not at their agreed meeting point at the agreed time.

Tomas had been delayed, so instead of enjoying a serene ride, he had to get to the legendary Prado skatepark at the double. Once there, he was able to show Nina what he could do and that he had fully deserved his “flying” soubriquet. He and his bike were in the air more often than on the ground.


“I started BMXing when I was five. Then, when I was twelve, I saw some people dirt jumping and I wanted to try it too. My dad gave me a bike for my birthday and off I went. At the time, there was nothing else I wanted to do. First, I started at competing in junior and amateur events, and my wins gave me wild cards for professional races before, ultimately, I ended up on the World Tour,” Tomas explains as he describes his career.


“I don’t have much free time. When I’m not biking, I go to the gym to get stronger, as this is important, for example, if I take a tumble,” Tomas tells Nina. Despite the lack of time to hang out with friends, he wouldn’t change his life. “It’s all flying by so fast, but I feel that every day I can do what I really want,” he says.

Miss Peaches on the road: Dirt jumping in Marseilles

After practising some moves at the skatepark, Tomas and Nina make their way to the sea. “I want to ride as much as possible, be a professional for as long as I can. And when I have to retire, I’ll still keep biking because I love it,” says Tomas, rounding off the interview with Nina by looking to the future.

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