Miss Peaches on the Road: Downhill Biking in Champéry, Switzerland

Miss Peaches on the Road: Downhill Biking in Champéry, Switzerland

Nina, alias Miss Peaches, dropped into the small Swiss alpine town of Champéry on her European road trip to take in the complex that has been set up here for the adrenaline sport of downhill biking.

28. 8. 2018 Lifestyle Sports

Her host and guide in Champéry is Vincent Tupin, a 24-year-old downhill biking specialist. And because this is a sport that Nina also loves, she quickly unloads her bike from the roof of her ŠKODA KAROQ and sets off with Vincent.

“I’ve been downhill biking for ten years. I made the transition from a dirt bike because the conditions really are ideal in this area, where I have lived my whole life. Take the tracks here in Champéry, for example, they’re great for the style I like – fast and full of jumps. But you have to keep in shape. I ride at least five days a week, and more when I can,” says Vincent.


When you watch Vincent ride, you can see he has perfected a technique that makes even the biggest jumps look like child’s play. As he rides, Vincent – or Vinny to his friends – exudes pure joy and inexhaustible playfulness, showing off small tricks whenever there’s just the slightest of bumps on the ground.

Nina gamely keeps up with him, but she has to put all her heart and courage into it. Where Miss Peaches rides, Vincent simply prefers to jump. At one point, Vincent actually soars high above Nina’s head.


He discusses the downside of his sport – the injuries – little and with typical modesty: “Fortune has smiled on me so far, I’ve only broken my collarbone. Well, on several occasions. And actually both collarbones.”


Vincent then joins Nina in the ŠKODA KAROQ and guides her to a place with a great view of the valley and the town of Champéry. What better way to end a fantastic day than with a great photo for her Instagram account?

Vincent Tupin

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