Miss Peaches on the Road: Enduro in Barcelona

Miss Peaches on the Road: Enduro in Barcelona

Miss Peaches has arrived in Spain in red ŠKODA KAROQ. Before coming to a stop at final destination on the beaches of San Sebastián she and Laura are going to ride some enduro trails overlooking Barcelona.

11. 9. 2018 Lifestyle Sports Cycling

Sitting at the wheel of her ŠKODA KAROQ, Nina – aka Miss Peaches – is looking out for Laura in the streets of Barcelona. “I’m really looking forward to meeting Laura! We’ve been in contact for a few years now, but this is the first time we’ll see each other in the flesh!” Laura suddenly pulls up and, smiling broadly, greets Nina through the car’s open window. After a joyful welcome, the two bikers head for the hills above the Catalan capital. Laura starts to tell her story:


“I’m a telecommunications engineer – I have my own business where I work from Monday to Friday. During the week, I often go to the gym so that I stay in shape for enduro or downhill biking – because just riding a bike is not enough. At weekends, I mostly work as a mountain bike instructor, teaching women in the main. I want women to go biking a lot more, but that means someone has to teach them first,” says the petite Spaniard enthusiastically.


The ŠKODA KAROQ stays in the car park at the top of the hill, while the two bikers mount their bikes and set off on one of several cool enduro trails. Shortly after, they’re rushing along a narrow path over tree roots, and before long they arrive at an open expanse with stunning views of the surrounding area. Technical sections requiring intense concentration and precision alternate with well-tended trails where you feel like you could race the wind.


One narrow ridge affords Nina and Laura some beautiful scenery: on one side, there’s the hustle and bustle of Barcelona – the famous Camp Nou looks like it could fit into the palm of your hand, with the Sagrada Família in the distance and, beyond that, the beach and the sea; on the other side, there’s a complete breathtaking contrast – the tranquillity and emptiness of the Catalan countryside.

“I specialise in cyclo-mountaineering, which means I climb up a mountain with my bike and then ride down. When I do this sort of exercise, I can usually feel my body start to resist after a few hours. That is when it is most important not to lose concentration and to shut out everything that is irrelevant from your mind. This is why I find cyclo-mountaineering so refreshing,” explains Laura.


Nina and Laura are joined by two more Spanish friends, and the four of them stay in the saddle until the evening, when Barcelona is lit up by thousands of lights. Laura’s friends take their leave and go home, but Nina wants to stay a while and listen to Laura: “People ask me how I manage some of those treks where I ride through challenging terrain for up to fourteen hours a day. I try to explain to them that, sure, building up muscle is a basic necessity, but the real power lies in your mind. So my motto is: You’re human, so it’s natural that you’ll sometimes sink into the depths. But the only thing that matters is when you’re going to lift yourself up and what you’re going to do after that.”


Laura Celdrán Subiela

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Nina Gutenthaler

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