Miss Peaches on the Road: Viola in Stuttgart

Miss Peaches on the Road: Viola in Stuttgart

Seasoned biker Nina, alias Miss Peaches, is driving a ŠKODA KAROQ on a road trip through Europe, stopping off at eight places to meet eight great athletes. First stop is Stuttgart to see Viola, the silver medallist in the artistic cycling.

31. 7. 2018 Lifestyle Sports Cycling

There is a quite simple reason for meeting Viola in Stuttgart – apart from the wonderful park on the university campus. As Viola is studying here, Nina chose it as the first stop of her trip in a compact ŠKODA KAROQ SUV. The plan is to travel all the way to San Sebastián in Spain and – as a seasoned surfer – to have a go at riding the waves when she gets there. On the way, she will meet eight athletes to try out the sports they specialise in – and she’s starting with Viola and artistic cycling.


“Funnily enough, although I’ve been artistic cycling for eighteen years, I don’t have a normal bike, just this special one,” laughs Viola, adding that she would never have time to ride a regular bike anyway. “Getting to school and then to the training hall is more than a 100-kilometre round trip, so I can’t imagine doing that every day. Then there’s the training and my other responsibilities – sadly, there’s no time for road cycling,” shrugs the double world runner-up.

She practises on her bike three hours a day, then there’s further training on “terra firma”, where she mainly practises handstands and the coordination of her movements. Her goal, of course, is to make it all the way to the top: “I’d love to become world champion, but I don’t know when I’ll manage that,” says the twenty-four-year-old blonde modestly, but with resolve.


Watch the video to see what professional artistic cycling looks like and what Miss Peaches learnt from Viola:

Viola Brand

runner-up in the artistic cycling world championship, 2016 and 2017
24 years old, from Germany


number of followers: 160,000

Nina Gutenthaler

downhill biker
and model
30 years old, from Austria


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