Miss Peaches on the Road: Canyoning in Switzerland

Miss Peaches on the Road: Canyoning in Switzerland

Nina, aka Miss Peaches, is continuing her adventures at the wheel of a ŠKODA KAROQ. In this third episode, she has a go at an extreme adrenaline challenge called canyoning in the beautiful Swiss countryside.

14. 8. 2018 Lifestyle Sports

Switzerland’s Ticino region is teeming with numerous valleys that are hemmed in by looming rocks, myriad precipitous streams and rivers flowing down their slopes. This makes the place a magnet for all adrenaline-seeking fans of canyoning. It also happens to be on Miss Peaches’ itinerary. Check out the episode here:


She picked out this area north of Lugano as her third stop on her journey in a ŠKODA KAROQ from Germany to Spain. Her local guide was Damien Filip, a Swiss with Czech roots who has been canyoning for seven years and is very fond of this region. “It’s a really great place, almost all of the rivers here can be negotiated,” says Damien enthusiastically, and gives Nina some initial advice as she puts on a neoprene wetsuit.


“There are five techniques we use when canyoning: walking, jumping, sliding, swimming and abseiling,” says Damien, encouraging Nina to plunge right in. As an outdoor girl, she’s immediately up for the challenge.

After completing her initiation ritual – filling her helmet with ice-cold water and putting it on her head – she jumps from heights, slides at frightening speed down narrow, smoothed troughs, and even abseils across a waterfall. The atmosphere is capped off by the breathtaking Swiss countryside and the clear water of the wild stream.


After dealing with the dangers and thrills of canyoning all day, it was time to relax and recharge, so Nina took her KAROQ to a nearby wellness centre in preparation for the next stage of her journey. 

Damien Filip

canyoning enthusiast,
37 years old, Switzerland

Nina Gutenthaler

downhill biker and model
30 years old, from Austria