Miss Peaches on the Road: Helen Soars above the Stubaital Valley

Miss Peaches on the Road: Helen Soars above the Stubaital Valley

Seasoned biker Nina, alias Miss Peaches, is driving a ŠKODA KAROQ on a road trip through Europe, stopping off at eight places to meet eight great athletes. In the Stubaital, an alpine valley in Austria, she goes flying with paraglider pilot Helen.

7. 8. 2018 Lifestyle Sports Cycling

Helen started paragliding three years ago and, as she says, it was love at first sight. “The very first time I jumped with my friend, I knew I wanted to get into this. Since then, I’ve devoted everything to this sport. Last year, I left my job and moved to Austria. Weather permitting, I spend every spare minute flying. If you want to do aerobatic flying, you need to make about eight jumps a day. I completed 800 flights last year,” says Helen, who always has a smile on her face.


“What’s best about this sport is the freedom. When I’m in the air and no one is around, I experience an incredible sense of freedom. Flying is the only dream I have at the moment. I want to fly as often as possible. I’m working on becoming a paragliding teacher as soon as possible. Then I won’t have to do anything else. I’ll just fly and fly,” she plans.


First, though, she has to race Nina. Helen gives Nina a head-start because she needs to prepare a parachute, but passes her during the glide to win with ease.

As night falls, it’s time to go to a cozy local restaurant for some Käsespätzle, the famous cheese gnocchi. “You’ll have to stop by again soon. I’ll teach you to fly,” Helen says, inviting Nina to visit again.


Helen Schick

paraglider pilot, 25 years old
originally from Germany, lives in Austria

Nina Gutenthaler

downhill biker and model
30 years old, from Austria