Stealing Attention

The European Bike Stealing Championships turned up some interesting results – not least for Prague.

22. 11. 2015 Lifestyle SPORTS CYCLING

In the UK, apparently, a bike is stolen every minute. That sounds like London should be the champion city for bike theft, but actually the title – at least according to this prank video – goes to another European capital.

For a bit of fun, the We Love Cycling website, which is supported by ŠKODA, set up a decoy bike in three major European cities: Amsterdam, Prague and Rome. The bike was booby-trapped with a paint powder bomb, so if anyone tried to steal it they would get a good dusting. And parked nearby was a lorry with a brass band lurking inside. They would burst into music as soon as anyone attempted to ride off on the bike. This amusing stunt is well worth a watch. But which city do you think was the winner?

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