Test Your Knowledge of Sport and More in this Ice-Hockey Quiz!

Test Your Knowledge of Sport and More in this Ice-Hockey Quiz!

Having sponsored the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship for over a quarter of a century, ŠKODA is part of the ice-hockey furniture. Test your knowledge of hockey, the world championship and the bond between ice-hockey and ŠKODA in this quiz.

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This year’s championship is taking place in Denmark right now, with ice-hockey fans descending on Copenhagen and Herning. ŠKODA Storyboard visited both cities and worked with local guides to map out the places worth seeing. You can see the Copenhagen video here and the Herning one here.

ŠKODA Storyboard’s reporting has let ice-hockey fans in on the secrets behind the production of the pucks that the world’s stars will be shooting at goalies in Denmark. See how pucks are made here.

And now, on with the quiz!

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We’re in Denmark this year, but who will host the next championship? 

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Copenhagen is famously friendly to one particular type of transport. What is it?

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How many years has ŠKODA sponsored the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship?

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Where are the tournament’s pucks made?

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How many cars has ŠKODA placed at the disposal of the championship’s organising committee this year?

6 / 10

Who are the current champions?

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There is a visually interesting structure in the host city of Herning. What’s it for?

8 / 10

Which ŠKODA models are being exhibited alongside the ice at this year’s championship?

9 / 10

One of the specs listed for cars is their top speed. How fast can a puck go when you strike it?

10 / 10

How long must World Championship pucks last?

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correct answers: 0





The event all ice-hockey fans have been waiting for has arrived! National teams from sixteen countries worldwide are converging on Denmark to compete, first in groups and then the play-offs. You can study the tournament schedule and download it in the attached list of fixtures:


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