The Best Gifts for Motorists

The Best Gifts for Motorists

Not sure what presents to give this Christmas? We have a few gift ideas for those who enjoy sitting at the wheel of a car and for the ones they love.

13. 12. 2018 Lifestyle

Besides giving someone the thrill of their life, this gift could also prove to be a lifesaver. People drive hundreds of thousands of miles on the road without experiencing a true emergency. It is only if you take a drive on a closed circuit that you can push your limits all the way out of your comfort zone. You can gift someone a course on safe driving or skidding (available at virtually any motor-racing circuit), drifting on ice or snow (in Livigno, Sweden and Finland), or a drive on a public racing circuit (traditionally the Nürburgring in Germany). All of these are unforgettable experiences that will give drivers the confidence they need at the wheel.



Even when you’re having a coffee, you can let your thoughts spirit you miles away. Courtesy of its removable silicone pad, this mug will stand securely on any surface and the thermal insulation will shield the pad from the hot contents. A stylish gift for all fans of the winged arrow that will make getting up for work or a day off all the more pleasant.



The eighties are back, along with the rectangular shapes defining an era at the car factory in Mladá Boleslav. Some of your family and friends are likely to have been children at the time and will fondly remember the sporty curves of the ŠKODA RAPID coupé, produced in various configurations between 1984 and 1990. The 136L model is available at a 1:43 scale, making it ideal for collectors. Who said the only memories on your desk should be holiday photos?



A pocket knife can come in handy in many situations. Even the basic version, with two blades, openers, a screwdriver and a corkscrew, could prove a godsend in a tricky situation. You never know when you might need it. What’s more, giving a knife as a present to a man is sure to please, no matter how many he already has.


Note: Like any of the ŠKODA accessories?
Then look them up on your local importer’s website or ask your nearest dealer.



ŠKODA Motorsport

Mud, snow, stones, gravel, tarmac... a car rally is a tough sport for the best of drivers. Anyone who can’t get enough of rally cars hurtling round treacherous bends is sure to appreciate a gift associated with fast wheels. If your friends are fans of the likes of Jan Kopecký, Nikolay Gryazin, Esapekka Lappi, Kalle Rovanperä or other winged-arrow drivers, this watch will be perfect for them. Mineral glass, water resistant up to 10 atm, the Japanese SEIKO Epson VR34A. Who could refuse such a gift?


toy car

You never forget your first race, even if it was on a carpet. Children’s imagination has no boundaries because, for them, a perfect rally course can thread around and between the legs of chairs, tables and sofas. In an age when children are immersed in touchscreens, it would be well worthwhile developing their fine motor skills with the help of a real wooden toy.



People can essentially be split into two categories: one turns its nose up at practical gifts, the other appreciates nothing more than something that really has a purpose. It might not seem like it right now, but the hot summer will soon be here again and you’ll be wondering where to store your drinks, fruit or snacks during your journeys. A coolbox is also great for summer shopping. If you switch the mode on the box, it can be used to store hot meals as well. The box can be securely attached to the rear seats with seat belts. The power is supplied from a 12V socket.



If you’re a cyclist, you know the dilemma: where to put your bike so it doesn’t take up the whole of the interior? This bicycle carrier will be a weight off your mind once and for all, as the luggage compartment can now do its job properly and be used solely for luggage. You will also be able to carry more things with you, no matter if you’re going away for a weekend or a whole week. Thanks to the folding options, you will still have unobstructed access to the boot when the carrier is installed. It can hold two bikes, whether light-weight road racers or heavy fully suspended models designed for riding in a bike park. Installing a carrier behind the car is both more economical (because it saves fuel due to the lower drag) and more practical (because it is easier to handle) than a bike holder designed for the roof.



A gift for all petrolheads. Made in Denmark, this stylish piece of luggage is made from actual canisters and is available in a wide variety of colours. The 0.8 mm thick metal shell will keep all objects inside safe, no matter how roughly they are treated. If the luggage is going to be used for cameras or other fragile devices, a reinforced version is also available. The case is cabin-baggage size. The handle is telescopic and the wheels are rubber.

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by Jeremy Clarkson

A legend who needs no further introduction. One of the founders of the Top Gear car show, Clarkson is also a known columnist whose short essays have been published in The Sunday Times for many years. His ability to describe the most complex things in a way that is both understandable and humorous has made his books bestsellers translated into many languages. We recommend, for example, I Know You Got Soul, which will make you weep tears of laughter with its original interpretation of the history of legendary machines, including the Spitfire, the Flying Scotsman, and the Zeppelin. Car lovers will find Clarkson on Cars fun.



Are you one of those people who love to discover new places? The folding roof tent will turn your vehicle into an expedition car. That does not necessarily mean you have to travel to a desert or tundra. The tent is also perfectly suited to holidays closer to home. There are numerous manufacturers to choose from. Most of the tents can easily be attached to roof racks. Setting one up takes minutes and there is a ladder to get to the top. A  awning is usually available, too, making the tent ideal for camping or barbecues. The price is well worth all the adventures and memories you’ll get out of it!