The Best of Storyboard: Past, Present and Future

The Best of Storyboard: Past, Present and Future

In 2018, ŠKODA Storyboard took you on a trip that showed you the history of SUVs, filled you in on the hottest news from the world of ŠKODA, and outlined a future belonging to e-mobility. And what a ride it was! Let’s take another peek.

27. 12. 2018 Models

Our review of must-reads from 2018 begins with the grandmother of all ŠKODA sports utility vehicles. These days SUVs are all the rage, but back in 1966 the TREKKA, a model based on the ŠKODA OCTAVIA and made in New Zealand, was truly one of a kind. Yet it was a far cry from the luxury of today’s SUVs. Sure, few would have begrudged the fact that there were no heated seats, but this model didn’t even have a car radio. To be fair, though, it would be some years yet before mass-produced radios made their way into any ŠKODA. As late as 1992, the FAVORIT’s head units were still only an optional feature, or would sometimes be fitted in special editions. Since then, the development of audio systems has come along in leaps and bounds, to the extent that these days you can remain constantly online in a ŠKODA. This offers a whole lot of advantages. If you were online in March 2018, for example, Storyboard gave you the chance to explore ŠKODA’s Geneva Motor Show stand, where the main draw was the ŠKODA VISION X concept.


The motor show also featured some interesting innovations, such as the ŠKODA KODIAQ’s top-end LAURIN & KLEMENT trim level and the revamped ŠKODA FABIA.

Its predecessor – the previous incarnation of the FABIA – was presented in an unusual light in one piece run by Storyboard. After a long-term test requiring it to be driven 100,000 kilometres, it was disassembled down to the last screw. You can see for yourselves in our video. And if you notice any unfamiliar parts and you’re not sure what they’re used for, watch all the episodes in our series ŠKODA from the Mechanic’s Point of View, where you’ll find all important car components described.


The Geneva Motor Show wasn’t the only motoring event of the year. The Paris Motor Show, where we showcased the RS family, was no less important. It was in Paris that ŠKODA gave its ŠKODA KODIAQ RS and VISION RS study their world premières.


The Paris Motor Show was also the first time the KAROQ SCOUT and the KAROQ SPORTLINE saw the light of day. Storyboard ran a comparison so that you can clearly tell them apart. And anyone now pining for summer and sunshine can at least take comfort in the ŠKODA SUNROQ, a student-made stylish convertible based on the KAROQ.

The star of the show at the tail end of the year was unquestionably the ŠKODA SCALA. Storyboard gradually filled you in on all the details of the new model. An artistically camouflaged version of the car drew plenty of attention at Prague’s Lennon Wall, where it feature in a work by street artist Chemise. All of this was documented by New York photographer and influencer Dave Krugman:


Shortly after, it was finally time for the new SCALA to unveil itself to the world in all its glory. It’s a handsome car that can take pride in several firsts. It is the first European model, for example, to feature the ŠKODA name in letters – rather than a logo – on the fifth door. This component is the brainchild of Oliver Stefani, ŠKODA’s chief designer, whose philosophy is that “design creates emotions”. In an interview for Storyboard, he hand-drew some of his answers.

In 2018, we also found time – as mentioned – to outline the shape of things to come in our series on future mobility. For example, you could find out how an electric motor works, what priorities ŠKODA is pursuing in e-mobility, and what electric cars can offer customers.